Turnkey Garrard 301 completely refurbished, ready to go.Turnkey Garrard 301  completely refurbished, ready to go. With Curly Maple plinth, Tenuto Mat"I'm thoroughly impressed by the Woodsong plinth—even now, I think I have yet to grasp its full measure—and I'm astonished at how little it costs, considering what has gone into it and all of...6185.00

Turnkey Garrard 301 completely refurbished, ready to go. With Curly Maple plinth, Tenuto Mat [Expired]

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   "I'm thoroughly impressed by the Woodsong plinth—even now, I think I have yet to grasp its full measure—and I'm astonished at how little it costs, considering what has gone into it and all of the quality music sound it brings. As consumer products go, this is one of the easiest recommendations I've ever made. "    
  -Art Dudley, Stereophile Magazine,  Listening'  #163

Here is a rare opportunity to own a fully restored Garrard 301, installed in a top quality plinth, with the Tenuto gun metal mat, and 4 Track Audio isolation devices with no wait.  This can be at you location and running before Christmas!  

Tonearms are not included,  nor cartridges.  If you need either of these,  please contact me, as I am an authorized dealer for numerous brands of each.  

The 2 included armboards will be machined to your choice of tonearm mounting.  Due to the design, in many cases these armboards can be machined with mountings for 2, or even more, different tonearms, each board.

This Garrard 301 motor unit is in fantastic shape, having seen relatively little use over it's lifetime, prior to servicing.  This was a 'no expense spared' rebuild.  The original cream enamel is in great shape.    This started as a complete strip down, including the removal of the name plates,  with careful cleaning and gentle rubbing of the original finish.  It is in the top 10% of what we see coming through the Woodsong Audio shop, of original decks for service.

The linkages and all of the original hardware were stripped of the original toxic cadmium plating,  and re-plated in gleaming yellow zinc.

The motor coils were checked, and the motor fully serviced, motor shaft journals checked for wear,  thrust end checked (with barely any evidence of wear!) new oil felts installed, sintered bronze bushings have been fully drained of old oil and cleaned in a 7 step process, and recharged with a top quality, correct viscosity spindle oil, in a vacuum chamber to ensure zero voids in the sintered bronze bearing structure.  This motor is exceptionally quiet and smooth.

All of the old, original springs have been replaced with new springs. 

New idler tower grommets, a new felt brake pad,  and spring dampers have been installed.

Electrical switch contacts are have been replaced with new, along with a new spark suppressor, and a new wiring harness made with super flexible silicone jacketed wire to help reduce motor vibration to the chassis.

The new Woodsong Audio main spindle bearing is installed.  We have seen (and inspected) most of the aftermarket Garrard 301/ 401 replacement bearings, on decks sent to us by clients,  and this bearing blows them all away, both in terms of sound quality, and longevity.  In development for the past 2 years, with much research, and consultation with tribology engineers, we now have thousands of hours of testing run time on this bearing. We are very pleased,  and are certain that you will be, also.  This bearing is closer tolerance, and very quiet due to the unique material used for the bearing liners, in addition to giving better speed stability than the stock bearing.

The old eddy brake disc has been replaced with a new CNC machined precision eddy brake disc which is made to closer tolerances than the original.  The precise fit on the motor shaft ensures zero play. 

A new Woodsong Audio CNC machined precision 60hz drive pulley has been installed.  The pulley is quite important to correct speed, and a precise pulley is important in silent operation.

New idler wheel bushings have been installed.

The original idler wheel has been inspected, and is in great shape.    It is our professional opinion that the best option currently available for the Garrard idler wheel, is to remain original, as long as it is in good condition.  
The platter has been stripped of it's original finish, and refinished in an extremely durable two part urethane matte black.

This motor unit now has about 40 hours of break in time on it,  it is running silent, super smooth, everything working exactly as it should.    This is a very nice 301.

This is rated 9/10 due to the refurbished Garrard 301 unit.    I see Garrard units from all of the the major re-builders, and this unit is as nice as you will find.

The dual tonearm, compact plinth is covered in some really amazing Western Big Leaf Curly Maple.  This is wood that we mill and surface in our own shop.   The plinth core is made from Baltic Birch and Panzerholz.

This is a great plinth,  and identical in design to the one reviewed by Art Dudley in the July issue of Stereophile magazine, in his 'Listening' column.

4 Track Audio isolation devices are included.

The PureSound Tenuto gun metal mat is a great addition to the Garrard 301,  very complimentary.  It provides a deeper soundstage, more clarity to the music, more definition,  blacker backgrounds,  and just plain better music replay.    This one is a no-brainer.    Woodsong Audio is a dealer for the PureSound Gun Metal Mat.

This deck will be shipped in a purpose built container that is very secure and protective.

Worldwide shipping is available,  please contact me directly for details and a shipping quote.

Thank you for looking.

Chris Harban
Woodsong Audio


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