Acoustic Revive RR-77 Ultra Low-frequency Acoustic Revive  RR-77 Ultra Low-frequency  Pulse GeneratorSelling only because I'm closing one of my stereo rooms. I'm keeping at least one other because these devices are fantastic: increased soundstage, smoother and more fluid sound and many other supe...350.00

Acoustic Revive RR-77 Ultra Low-frequency Pulse Generator [Expired]

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Selling only because I'm closing one of my stereo rooms. I'm keeping at least one other because these devices are fantastic: increased soundstage, smoother and more fluid sound and many other superlatives. There is no U.S. importer now so they are very hard to get and only rarely do you even see them on Audiogon. People who have them simply hang on to them for reasons that will become obvious when you get one. For those who don't know what this is: the Acoustic Revive RR-77 ultra-low frequency pulse generator is a stand-alone active device that plugs into a wall outlet but not your HiFi rig. According to Acoustic Revive, the RR-77 generates a 7.83Hz Schumann frequency pulse that 'shields' your HiFi electronics and listening room from radio frequency interference and thereby improves the S/N ratio so the electronics perform better. From the 6moons review: "I had actually plugged in and started using the RR-77 before I had read up on it or done any background research so I didn't really know what to expect. The first time I powered up the RR-77, I had some music playing and was shocked by the transformation. "What the hell!" I mumbled as the RR-77 made everything more natural, smoother and more musically lifelike - a music lover's dream come true. Space opened up in the recording acoustic, notes decayed in a much more natural fashion and what little edge, grit or glare I was hearing on lesser recordings over the review system became more tolerable. "One aspect particularly intrigued me: You know how you can hear the acoustic signature of a recording venue in a recording? The recording has its own acoustic signature and so does your listening room and they are different. With the RR-77 powered up, it's as though the dissimilar acoustic signatures of the recording and listening room blended and became one. This effect of the RR-77 is a little hard to articulate fully and you really need to experience it to get the full understanding. On smaller, more intimate jazz recordings in particular, it makes it seem like the musicians are in the room with you playing and yet you feel like you're in the recording "There not only appears to be an effect on the hifi electronics resulting in a much more natural, liquid and musical presentation, it also seems the RR-77 acts as a room conditioning device. It seems to have taken my room, which has been a difficult room to tame, and turned it into a really good-sounding space. Why this would be so I don't know but it's very noticeable and a very welcome improvement. "The RR-77 pulls off a real magic act in accentuating the musicality of a recording and hifi rig. The non-musical elements of the recording process such as soundspace, soundstaging, imaging, extreme detail recovery and so forth all have a dollop of naturalness applied to them so that they don't distract you from the musical elements of tone, melody, rhythm, emotional impact and musical flow. Those non-musical artifacts are still there but now in complete support of the music to never draw your attention away from the music as some audiophile-style systems tend to do. "With the RR-77 doing its little magic act, I can listen all day long with zero listening fatigue. If anything, a listening session becomes energizing and edifying and when a long nocturnal session is over, I feel refreshed. Did I mention that audio pals Pete Riggle and Stephæn Harrell both bought one of these devices after giving it a listen? They did. And you just know that mine's not going anywhere. "The RR-77 is a no-brainer purchase ... for what it does to transform the listening experience. The RR-77 is a music lover's Blue Moon winner if I've ever seen one: absolutely, unequivocally and enthusiastically recommended." NOTE: The Acoustic Revive RR-77 Generator is a very small component. It only measures 14 x 16 x 4 cm (W x D x H) and weighs 200 gr. The pictures on the right show the unit and its innards with the labyrinth and the small section with components. The power consumption is 2 Watt and the generator runs on 12 Volt DC. When you connect the RR-77 to the wall receptacle with the AC adapter attached for it, you set the RR-77 at the place which height is over than 1m50cm in your room. If the height of the location of the RR-77 is less than 1m50cm, effects become less. So you must make sure of the height of the setting position of the RR-77. NOTE: unit has a few tiny scuffs but is in perfect working order. Please check my outstanding feedback on Audiogon and purchase with complete confidence. Paypal users add 3% Seller reserves the right to only sell to buyers with excellent feedback.
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