Cable ElevatorsClassic IsolatorsCable Elevators Classic Isolators set of 8Cable Elevators Set of 8 Classic Isolators Retail Price: $159.95 SALE PRICE: $99.95 To Place an order Please visit our Website, Email or Call us: Info@CableIsolators...99.95

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Cable Elevators Set of 8 Classic Isolators Retail Price: $159.95 SALE PRICE: $99.95 To Place an order Please visit our Website, Email or Call us: 801-810-8184 Elevate Your Audio! Cable Elevators are a spectacular tweak providing immediate benefits by removing a layer of grunge that rides the entire musical signal. Bass is tightened up, the midrange smoother and the top end more pristine. Setup takes 2 minutes and the improvements are immediate. Cable Elevators protect your cables from the harmful effects of floor-borne vibrations and static imbalance found in flooring surfaces. Check out our newest ESD Cable Isolators which are made from premium grade Electro Static Dissipative Polyurethane. This unique design offers the best isolation from vibrations and enables a direct path to dissipate any static imbalance which may interfere with delicate audio signals. Additionally Cable Isolators facilitate proper organization of your cables which reduces interference between power cords and sensitive audio interconnects. Better Performance. Better Sound. Better Value. Cable Isolators Customers are eligible for a 15% discount on any Black Sand Cable products. Just email us after the sale to get the discount and we'll get it setup for you. $99.95 + Shipping We accept all major credit cards through our PayPal checkout process. We also accept checks and money orders once they clear. Get 'em now while supplies last! Here is some of the feedback from our customers: "I just ordered 2 additional sets of the isolators. I first used them in the middle of a demo session and the feedback was immediate." - Midwest customer "Have received and now have 8 Cable Isolators in place of the Styrofoam cups I was using (it’s ok to laugh :) ).. Now I don’t know if it was the 1/16″ I moved the Room Tune with the Cable Isolators or just the Cable Isolators alone but….. the sound has smoothed out and has expanded in an immediate improvement! I heard the difference as I was substituting them, really, no joke! Through Keith’s help I have found that small things and adjustments make huge or astounding differences WITHOUT spending a ton of money to do so. I’ve been listening and paying attention but there is an undeniable difference to the sound, as I continue to tweak and adjust, I want to thank both you and Keith for helping to make a positive difference in my listening enjoyment as well as the appearance in my listening room. Thank you both and God Bless" Ray Makin – New York "The Cable Isolators arrived today and are installed beneath my Kubala-Sosna Emotion speaker cables. While they are larger than they appear from the photos, I can see why the special size was necessary for the Emotion speaker cables. Actually, they look attractive, and the best part is that my wife found them to look fine as well …whew! I wasn’t really prepared to hear much of a sonic improvement due to my concrete floor, but after listening to Fritz Reiner’s Scheherazade with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, circa 1958, it was immediately apparent to me that the overall tonal balance and soundstaging had improved. It had me turning up the volume a bit past where I normally would, as the overall sonic presentation became more relaxed. I must say that this purchase was one of the best in terms of dollars spent for results obtained. Thank you for providing a very fine product at a reasonable price." Harvey Shapiro – Illinois "Not only do the cable isolators do their job as advertised, Ryan is a real professional and a pleasure to do business with. Instant communication and lightening fast shipping. The build quality of the isolators make them a real bargain. I purchased 12 in October and another 12 in December. One of the best tweaks for the money out there!" Rod “RetroInferno” Parks – Missouri "The Cable Isolators arrived this morning. I have them in place and noticed an immediate improvement in the sound quality. The bass seems much tighter and the highs are clearer and snappier; I look forward to continued improvements in the overall sound of my system. Thanks for following up to make sure I received the isolators." H. Ford – Ohio * (801)810-8184 --- Call Us anytime if you have questions, wish to order or leave us a friendly message * ** Utah Residents Pay Current Sales Tax Rate ** *** All sales come with a 30-day Money back Guarantee - if you're unhappy for any reason with the product please return it for a full refund. (Please note shipping costs are non refundable) *** **** Warranty: All items are warrantied to be free from major defects. Due to the firing process of our Classic Cable Isolators - there will be some variation in color and glaze application. Since some of the process is done by hand there will be variation in finish between pieces. However we never ship damaged goods nor will we sell anything "As New" if the item is really "B-Stock". You will find that we run "B-Sstock" sales every year on any left over items that didn't meet our Quality Control Standards. ****
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