(rare) Combak Harmonix■ TU-66ZX ■used(rare) Combak Harmonix ■ TU-66ZX ■ GOLD - 4 piecesRare item. TU-66ZX Gold. 4 pieces. With BOXPlease see photos for condition.For in case you do not know Harmonix tuning feet, below is info for you.Sound Improvements from Tuning feet 1) Weaker soun...690.00

(rare) Combak Harmonix ■ TU-66ZX ■ GOLD - 4 pieces [Expired]

no longer for sale

Rare item. TU-66ZX Gold. 4 pieces. 

With BOX

Please see photos for condition.

For in case you do not know Harmonix tuning feet, below is info for you.

Sound Improvements from Tuning feet 
1) Weaker sounds that went unnoticed before stand out. 
2) The width of sound range delivered increases, for more volume and articulation. 
3) Dynamic range and sound resolution increase, with no distortion at high volume. 
4) Sonic uplift becomes crisper, and each sound more delineated. 
5) Response becomes faster, with a quicker snap. 
6) Heavy bass sound range expands for more presence.

Ideal for: Amps, CD players, analog players, D/A converters 
Size; 50mm dia. x 33mm

Ship via Post Office EMS SpeedPost with on-line tracking number which u can track via website. 
Worldwide shipping rate = $80 (within Asia $40) 
Pay by bankwire +0% (by Paypal +4%)

Will declare price much much lower. No one needed to pay any custom in my trading history.

Have sent many items to US, Europe, Brazil, and many many markets. No problems.

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