Shakti Innovations Holograph Room TreatmentShakti Innovations  Holograph Room TreatmentThe Hallograph is an amazingly worthwhile and effective device. I've had it in my system for a couple of weeks of heavy listening and am hooked (no break-in required). In my system, the soundstage...824.00

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The Hallograph is an amazingly 
worthwhile and effective device. I've had it in my system for a couple of weeks of heavy 
listening and am hooked (no break-in required).  In my system, the soundstage became 
deeper and wider, images gained in intensity and size, while high frequency extremes lost 
some stridence. Information retrieval (or should I say "unmasking") goes up a 
notch, as details that were previously masked by room reactions reclaim their prominence 
in the mix. Vocals gain in intelligibility and clarity. Importantly, it appears to be very 
neutral, or evenhanded, if you will, in its impact across the spectrum -- nothing pushed 
at you or rolled off to create an artificial sense of impact. Quite the opposite, in fact 
-- the whole musical presentation seems to be naturally set in its recording venue to a 
greater degree. 

The cumulative impact of all this 
is to peel off a previously unobserved thin layer of glaze from the music. It just has a 
fresher feel, closer to lifelike. If you've ever ridden a bicycle in a rural setting right 
after the rain, the air has a glorious, exhilarating dimension, scrubbed clean. 
Subjectively for me, that's the best way to sum up what the Hallograph does.

Highly recommended.

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