Steinmusic LTDHarmonizer room conditioner systemSteinmusic LTD Harmonizer room conditioner system with lots of extras!Stein Music LTD Harmonizer room conditioner with extras ! This package is worth well over $8,000 dollars (just reduced for a fast sale) ! ! ! Current version Harmonizers a...3095.00

Steinmusic LTD Harmonizer room conditioner system with lots of extras! [Expired]

no longer for sale

Stein Music LTD Harmonizer room conditioner with extras !

     This package is worth well over $8,000 dollars (just reduced for a fast sale) ! ! !

                 Current version Harmonizers are in excellent condition like new.

  This is a wonderful addition to virtually any system and HIGHLY Recommended.

Included are: A total of 4 Harmonizers: 2 H2a, 2 H2b, 4 Stands, only 2 wall brackets,
3 Blue Diamonds, 4 Black Stones,  4 Blue Suns.

                     Please note  we have the latest versions four H2a Harmonizers:
                                      From the Stein Music website:

The award winning Harmonizer System is now available in a further improved version. The internal Harmonizer Modules were redesigned for an even smoother tone and a better distribution of their effect. Harmonizers are available now in black and also in white color. There is a separate compartment for the battery case which is easy to open with one screw only. The batteries are in here pretty tight, so that you may ship the Harmonizers without batteries getting loose. Harmonizers do not have an external power supply anymore, they use 4 AA batteries which are easily available all over the world. Modern Alkaline AA batteries last more than two years with the Harmonizers on all time (while the LED is off), Lithium batteries even 8 years. This makes it much easier to place them in the room rather than using an external power supply.


Harmonizers now also have an integrated thread in the bottom plate, where you may directly mount stands or wall brackets. Stands have been completely redesigned, using a 12mm round polished metal bar and a black lacquered 20mm MDF base with rubber feet that are fine for all kind of floors.


Blue Diamonds:

Steinmusic Blue Diamonds are a further development of the Black Diamonds. Here we have increased effectiveness by a factor of three. Blue Diamonds can be used in place of Black Diamonds for a more realistic effect. Again, the Blue Diamonds are made of carbon-filled epoxy resin with nine active elements in an exactly balanced ratio. Used independently, they are capable of achieving an excellent result.


Black Stones:

Black Stones assist the Harmonizers in evenly distributing their effect within the listening space. The Black Stones‘ operation is essentially based on the same, if less potent, principle as that of the Harmonizers. The Black Stones consist of a carbon-filled epoxy resin form within which the three active elements are contained in a precisely balanced ratio. Although their effect is noticeable when used independently, they are designed to be most effective in combination with the Harmonizer system.

 Blue Suns:

While developing the Blue Suns our initial intention was to build something for the use in concert halls. The result in the end was a smooth sounding top class device, which you directly hear and do not want to miss any more. The soundstage gets 3- dimensional, not only at the listening place but all over the room. Musicians become a presence unknown before and appear in your room stunningly real.

                               With mostly original packaging all as new. 

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