Uptone AudioREGENUptone Audio REGEN USB RegeneratorMint condition Uptone Audio REGEN USB regenerator/isolator with all accessories -- power supply, power cords, solid USB plug, short USB jumper, owners manual. This is the newer amber LED model with...120.00

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Mint condition Uptone Audio REGEN USB regenerator/isolator with all accessories -- power supply, power cords, solid USB plug, short USB jumper, owners manual. This is the newer amber LED model with improvements over the original green LED model. NOTE: I will ship for free to US addresses and waive Paypal and credit card surcharges at the asking price. Excellent effective digital tweak that isolates and regenerates USB digital signals, improving sound quality for USB devices such as streamers, computers, NAS and hard drive outputs. Uses limited only by your imagination. Original owner used only in a smoke and pet-free environment. I always ship promptly on receipt of payment. I will ship free to US addresses at the asking price and I welcome international buyers but please note I prefer a US trans-shipment address. Purchaser responsible for shipping, taxes, import duties and custom fees from trans-shipment point onward. Alternatively I will ship to any world-wide location served by US Postal Service, UPS or FEDEX but purchaser is responsible for shipping and fees and assumes all risk for non-delivery. Insurance highly recommended. Check my feedback and deal in confidence. Thanks for looking! Here's what Uptone Audio has to say about their REGEN: "The USB REGEN takes the digital audio stream from your computer or other music streaming device, and generates a completely new USB data signal to feed to your DAC. It accomplishes this by combining a carefully chosen USB hub chip with an ultra low-noise regulator and low-jitter clock. Importantly, it does so with ideal impedance matching—right at the input of your DAC. If you are familiar with the variations in sound quality that come from different computer configurations, USB cables, and power supplies (no, "bits are bits" really does not apply when pursuing the audio summit), then you will immediately recognize the often dramatic effect that the REGEN can have on the the connection you feel with the music. Although the REGEN does not eliminate all sound quality differences between USB cables in a high-end system, it significantly reduces those differences. John Swenson has written about how the PHY chips and processors at the input of every USB DAC (even those with galvanic isolation) are sensitive to "packet noise modulation" and ground-plane noise—caused by poor signal integrity and impedance mis-matching. Every USB audio source (computer or streamer) and cable causes this, every DAC is affected by this—and the REGEN is the cure. The USB REGEN's secondary function is that it disconnects the computer's noisy 5 volt bus power coming down the USB cable, and provides clean 5VBUS on its output--for DACs that need it—via a second ultra low-noise regulator. From all the time we have spent listening to the REGEN in our systems we can say that it is exceeding our expectations. Often it sounds like you are listening to a different DAC! Of course the benefit will vary with each computer/DAC system, but we hear positive differences even with very modest systems. The improvement is different than with a power supply or computer optimizations—but perhaps larger. Regardless of whether you are feeding your USB DAC from a from a stock computer, a fully-optimized music server, or a streamer/renderer (Auralic Aries, Bryston, Moon Audio, SOtM sMS-100, etc.), the REGEN has the potential to carry your music system to a new level. The USB REGEN kit includes: a) the REGEN itself in an all black with silver-printed aluminum case (57 x 46 x 18mm); Input is USB 'B' jack, Output is USB 'A' jack, DC jack is 5.5mm x 2.1mm. b) the best spec'ed and sounding 22 watt/7.5V/2.93A (overkill) tabletop (93 x 54 x 36mm) world-voltage-compatible SMPS we could find (use a nice linear if you want—in the range of 6-9V/1.5A is fine; or even 12V if you are certain that your DAC is not deriving much power from USB bus); If you own an UpTone JS-2 LPS, then you can consider using one of its outputs—set to 7V—to power the REGEN very nicely! c) an 18-inch long Volex 18awg power cord to go from the SMPS to the wall (get fancy if you like, or if you are overseas use a power cord with locally appropriate plug); d) a male/male USB A/B solid adapter plug (for hanging the REGEN right from the back of your DAC; maybe stick a block of something under it if you feel it needs support); e) a 6-inch male/male USB A>B cable if things are too tight around your DAC's USB input or you just don't want to use the solid adapter."
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