Tyler AcousticsSuper TowersTyler Acoustics Super Towers Heavily Modified*THESE MODIFICATIONS ARE NOT ENDORSED BY TYLER ACOUSTICS* I write this with some sadness as this is by far the best speakers I have heard and owned - particularly for the money. I have put blood, ...3250.00

Tyler Acoustics Super Towers Heavily Modified [Expired]

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*THESE MODIFICATIONS ARE NOT ENDORSED BY TYLER ACOUSTICS* I write this with some sadness as this is by far the best speakers I have heard and owned - particularly for the money. I have put blood, sweat, tears, time, effort and much research into these speakers trying to extract as much from these speakers as possible.... Tyler Acoustics became known on the market many years ago as a hand built, cost effective high end audio solution that used top tier drivers. Each midbass driver is the Seas Excel series, known to be found in speakers costing tens of thousands of dollars. The Seas Millenium soft dome tweeter at the helm leading the way. My particular model is one of the first to sport the new "angled" cabinets and unlike his "new" version of the Super Tower still uses the 7" midbass instead of the 6". These particular speakers have sold more Tyler Acoustic speakers than any I am aware of - I have had many folks over here that later on end up obtaining Tyler Acoustics. I have heard many brands, many models, all price points and I have yet to find anything to compare in anywhere the price point. These speakers are accurate, they tell it like it is but what is unique about them is their uncanny ability to play multiple types of music extremely well and are able to extract every last detail of a great recording. Capable of pin point imaging with a heavy spatial feel. I am the original owner of these speakers - I purchased them from Ty in 2009 I will warranty the resistors in the crossovers and one tweeter diaphragm replacement (not a full tweeter replacement) for 2 years from your purchase date. I stand behind my work and the quality of these speakers no problem. Here is what these speakers spec out at - 1) Base, Tyler Acoustics Super Towers - http://tyleracoustics.com/linbrook.html Original MSRP is $5,800 + $50.00 for grills. This is before the new enclosures came out which are far more involved. Ty does not have a new page for this new "updated" line. The optional Rosewood finish is an extra $600.00, also feature magnetic grills - full length that cover the ports as well... (Grills have never been used and are included) 2) Internal wiring has been updated with DH Labs T-14 versus the stock 18 guage wire, the wire was left in its insulated jacket so it is "twisted" and laid out for the shortest, most efficient runs possible. 3) Cabinet has been lined with No Rez throughout but strategically placed to allow the drivers to breathe appropriately. 4) Diffraction be gone surrounds the tweeters for a tighter focused soundstage and cleaner highs. 5) Hot Rodded crossovers - a. Clarity Cap MR on the tweeter network b. Duelund Graphite resistor on the tweeter network c. Clarity Cap SA series on the midbass network d. Mills MRC50 on the midbass network e. Woofer network features film and foil inductors. f. Externally mounted for maximum vibration isolation, easy maintenance and modding. g. Heavy duty binding post on the speakers and crossover network for maximum transfer. h. Enclosure is non-magnetic and hand built with hand rubbed dark solid Walnut side panels i. Comes with an 8 ft "umbilical" cable (DH Lab Q-10) My background as a modder: I have been in the hobby for close to ten years and started modifying speakers roughly two years ago. To date I have modified close to 60 speakers ranging in all price classes. This is my third set of Tyler Acousitcs speakers I have modified - the closest to this one was a set of Taylo Reference II with similar mods to these - which the owner was extremely happy. (No mods were endorsed or promoted by the associated manufactures) 6) Speakers feature brass spikes 7) I would also be willing to upgrade the crossovers further for the price of parts if you would like to throw ESA or MR on the midbass network. Condition - These are an easy 8 - I would even go as far as to say they are a 9! However to be safe I will call them an 8 on the audiogon scale. I have the original boxes and am willing to ship. Reason for selling - I honestly just do not use my system enough to justify having these and I believe it is time to just move to a lower resolution system geared towards my current listening styles (More HT oriented) Price: If you were to buy these from Ty modded to this extent you would easilly be in the $8,000 range - no questions. I am looking for $3,500 + shipping and I would challenge that you would be hard pressed to find a better speaker for that money. At least in my experience. I am willing to drive upwards of 10 hours each way to meet and or deliver these speakers (prepayment applies) and I am of course willing to ship at buyers expense. Paypal will be extra, I will accept alternate forms of payment but they must clear. That includes money orders. Other Tyler speakers I have owned - Taylo 7u Taylo Monitors Taylo Reference II Decade D2 Other Tyler speakers I have experienced - Linbrook Reference System Decade D3 PD80 These modified speakers will give you greater transparency, height, depth, width in staging - micro details with a far cleaner top end response. The best description I can give the sound is WEIGHT, weightless yet presenting in such a manner it feels as if the individual or instrument is physically in the room playing for you.
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