Ultrarare Jack Bybeediy hand made 3-wayUltrarare Jack Bybee diy hand made 3-way 1 of a kind custom speakersAUDIOPHILE GEMS! Ultra Rare / One of a Kind Matched Pair of Jack ByBee Designed and Hand Built 3-Way Tower Loudspeakers with Custom Crossover, Special Acoustic Dampening Devices and JM Labs Focal ...675.00

Ultrarare Jack Bybee diy hand made 3-way 1 of a kind custom speakers [Expired]

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AUDIOPHILE GEMS! Ultra Rare / One of a Kind Matched Pair of Jack ByBee Designed and Hand Built 3-Way Tower Loudspeakers with Custom Crossover, Special Acoustic Dampening Devices and JM Labs Focal Drivers in Flawless Functioning Condition and Excellent Cosmetic Condition – an Ultra Rare Audio Marvel from the Master of Audio Refinement Himself - Jack ByBee!

If you have seen my past listings you know that I love speakers and have posted and sold many of my all time favorites, including the JBL Paragon, the JBL L300, the SR8 version of the JBL C-50 Olympus, as well as many top speakers from B&W, KEF, Tannoy and Altec. However my favorite three speakers have been essentially DIY speakers designed and built by people who knew what they were doing, and this set is one of them. These amazing speakers were an inspired design and hand built from the ground up by the great Jack ByBee in 1988. If you are asking “Who is Jack ByBee?”, then let me tell you - Jack ByBee is a living legend. In his early career Jack ByBee the Physicist designed the original “Quantum Purifier” which was used for electronic audio filtering systems for submarines to filter out noise and improve stealth and Sonar detection equipment. There is also quite a bit of mystery, intrigue and some controversy to the design and the effects of the Quantum Purifier as well as other Jack Bybee designs and ByBee Technologies products. The US Navy sound filtering technology that he made has been employed for 25 years and obviously works, but it is a military secret and neither explained or discussed by the military. The more recent non-military ByBee Technologies innovations that Jack designed and manufactured for the audio industry have split opinions amongst people who have opinions on the matter. The online audio forums are filled with those who typically have never critically listened to an A/B test with his products on a high end system. They look at printed test specifications and shake their head and assail Jack and the variations of his Quantum Purifier as one of those products that makes audacious claims that cannot be supported by hard evidence. However, there are innumerable reviews and tests done by qualified Golden Ears in the audio industry who have done actual A/B listening tests, and these people almost unanimously report that Jack’s products do exactly what he says they do, and that his line of Quantum Purifiers, Slipstream Quantum Purifiers and his latest Golden Goddess Purifiers are revered as technical marvels by those who have heard what they can do with their audio systems. The most common expression I have heard is “I don’t know how it works, but it works”.

With these speakers, here is an opportunity to hear a complete set of full range loudspeakers hand built by Jack ByBee. This is a very large pair of 3-Way speakers that have some unique features. The design features a Time Aligned design with the midrange and tweeter set back – the midrange set into a sloped baffle, and the tweeter top mounted in an open baffle. The crossover is open and readily accessible on top, and is unusual for a DIY in that it is installed on a PCB. By the looks of it the idea was to set the system up and then experiment with readily accessible crossover components until the perfect combination was obtained. The speaker cabinets are rear-ported with a Scan Speak Filtered Port installed in back. There are a couple of really neat custom enhancements that Jack designed to dampen unwanted resonance – one is built into the base of the speakers, and the other is built into the wood grill frame. These are interlocked thin wood layers and gaps designed to reduce acoustical vibrations and dampen resonance. They are very nicely done.

With a DIY speaker like this that has all the technical issues solved, the typical issues are purely cosmetic. Manufacturers with production runs in the thousands can mold perfect grill frames out of plastic, however if you make them yourself - like these hand made grills by Jack ByBee - you make them out of wood and hand staple the grill cloth on the best you can, and considering the size these are extremely well done. The side and rear grills are not perfectly fit, but as you can see from the photos are still quite attractive, as is the exceptional wood veneer. The front and rear speaker panels are hand painted so you will see brush strokes and a bit of unevenness to the coating, and the felt pad surrounding the midrange is also hand cut so a bit irregular. The wood bracket for the tweeter has a split at one of the screw locations – it still holds plenty tight. There are some scuffs and marks on the back panels, and a few tiny edge chips on both speakers, but very light and nothing major. The grills are in terrific shape and not torn or stained, the wood veneer is gorgeous and has just a tiny bit of edge chipping, mostly on the bottom. Overall they are extremely attractive tower speakers and well preserved. The flexible foam surrounds on the woofers have been re-foamed and look in excellent condition.

Jack ByBee Custom Built 3-Way Tower Speaker Specifications:

* Design: 3-Way Time Aligned Speaker System with Rear Scan Speak Filtered Port.

* Drivers:
… Tweeter: 1.25” JM Labs Focal T-120 Inverted Dome
… Midrange: 7”
… Woofer: 10” Unknown Model with Vented Rear Magnet

* Sensitivity: estimate about 92 dB

* Power Handling:

* Frequency Range: estimate 35 Hz to 20,000 Hz

* Dimensions:
… Height: 47.5”
… Width: 12.9”
… Depth: 16.3”

* Weight: estimate about 90 pounds each unpackaged

There is a certain magic when someone who knows what they are doing puts the time in to match parts and create something that would cost many thousands of dollars today. Here is an opportunity to buy a creation by a young Jack ByBee that is truly an inspired design that works flawlessly and is not just beautifully built but is a sublime musical experience. Payment is via US Post Office Money Order, Paypal or cash Upon Delivery. Note that these speakers are very large (48”) and also extremely heavy (about 90 pounds each unpackaged) I am happy to deliver for free if you are local to me in the San Francisco area.

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