Usher Dancer CP-8871Birch w/standsUsher Dancer CP-8871 Birch w/stands excellent conditionOffered is a beautiful pair of Usher Dancer cp-8871's. They are in excellent functional condition. The previous owner lived in the dry air of Colorado, which caused some seperation of the wood on...3000.00

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I have had 3 offers now and the buyer for each offer has requested that I include shipment of the speakers in their offer. Again, I will only facilitate the shipment you arrange. There are companies out there that will pick the speakers up, box and prepare them for a pallette, and ship them to you. I only recommend local pick up or putting them on a pallette; they simply weigh too much to ship via ups etc.... Thanks.

Offered is a beautiful pair of Usher Dancer cp-8871's. They are in excellent functional condition. The previous owner lived in the dry air of Colorado, which caused some seperation of the wood on the right speaker top(cosmetic) piece. Also 2 of the grill posts have broken. These are great looking otherwise. I bought them that way and have had no problems nor issue with the imperfections. You will be hard pressed to find a better performing pair of full range speakers at my asking price of $3,000.00. Original list price was $12,480. Included are the loudspeakers, bases, grills, and cones. SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA PICKUP PREFERRED.ONLY. If you would like to purchase boxes and arrange shipping you can. If local pickup bring a truck or van and a helper; they weigh a ton and my orthopedic surgeon will shoot me if I touch them. Paypal + 3.5%. The Usher Audio Dancer CP-8871 is the bigger and stronger version of the 8571 unit. It retains the same exquisite craftsmanship and sonic performance, but takes everything to a higher level, adding to the overall performance and being capable of delivering a richer LF response for a better and more solid audio reproduction in larger rooms. In case you're looking for some floorstanders to rock you off with their audiophile-grade acoustics, it may prove that a pair of Usher Audio CP-8871s was exactly what you were looking for. Sporting a distinctive look with a noble and stylish appearance, the Usher Audio CP-8871 loudspeakers have been designed to cover your needs for exceptional sound in a medium-to large room. Sitting on a massive baseplate with feet, the cabinet of the CP-8871 is a strong and sturdy wooden enclosure with a beautiful sculptural aspect; the front baffle of this loudspeaker is 2.5” thick for an almost complete acoustic inertness. Even more, the baffle is slant and keeps the driver in perfect time alignment for an even better acoustic field deployment. The Usher Audio CP-8871 sports a 3-way driver complement with front-firing slot bass vent. The woofer section is placed in a separate enclosure in the lower part of the cabinet and sports dual 8” bass driver with concave cone and dust cap for increased efficiency in moving the air; this driver ensures the quaking 25Hz bottom-end of the CP-8871 and rendering this speaker perfect for use in any configuration without a dedicated subwoofer. The midrange and the HF units have been placed on the superior part of the Usher Audio CP-8871: we're dealing with a complement comprising a 7” mid-woofer and a beryllium-dome tweeter 1.25” in diameter. The upper cutoff point for the HF driver is a staggering 40kHz, and offers a seamless imaging with any kind of audio media, including the demanding hi-def SACD or DVD-Audio formats. Blasting as much as 150W, the Usher Audio CP-8871 works in 4 Ohms impedance with 90dB sensitivity and can be yours for around $12,480 a pair.
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