VACPhi-110VAC Phi-110 Excellent conditionAs much as I know I'm going to regret this I have to raise some capitol to pay for the amps I just purchased, so, sadly, I have to put my VAC Phi 110 up for sale. The only reason(or two actually) I...4800.00

VAC Phi-110 Excellent condition [Expired]

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As much as I know I'm going to regret this I have to raise some capitol to pay for the amps I just purchased, so, sadly, I have to put my VAC Phi 110 up for sale. The only reason(or two actually) I'm selling it is #1 need cash and #2 I needed an amp/s that could be left on 24/7. To get something that was even close in comparison in the SS world I had to spring for the Pass Labs XA-100.5 mono blocks and even then-it's close, and no, I'm not kidding. I am the second owner of this wonderful piece, bought it from a friend a few years back. Sometime mid/late 2009 I went ahead and shipped it out to VAC to get a thorough check up/tune up, it checked out excellent and was returned to me with a clean bill of health. I have taken great care of this amp, it is truly the best I've ever owned. I cannot find any flaws on it though I will go over it one more time to try and find any thing that I may have over looked. It has never been over-driven or been presented any heavy loads. It's in excellent condition, just like you would expect from such a fine piece. If you do some research, or you may already know this, you'll find that this was one of the jewels produced by VAC and why they no longer make this amp is beyond me, maybe it was cost, who knows. Here are some specs on the amp; Variable feedback. The Phi 110/110 stereo amp is equipped with variable negative feedback, controlled by a toggle switch on the rear panel. The switch has two positions: zero feedback, and 12 dB of overall negative feedback. Has both Triode & Ultra-linear modes of operation. Has both 2 and 4 ohm impedance connections. Power output: 110 watts continuous average power at 1 kHz with less than 2% THD into 4 ohms connected to the 8 ohm tap. Frequency Response: down 0.5 dB at 7 Hz and 30 kHz, ref 0 dB = 1 watt @ 1 kHz. down 3.0 dB at 3.5 Hz and 115 kHz, ref 0 dB = 1 watt @ 1 kHz. Absolute Polarity: Does not invert absolute phase. For $4600 you get the following; One VAC Phi-110 tube amp One VAC separate power supply Factory Matched quad of VAC KT-88 tubes. Two factory matched pairs of VAC 6SN7's. Original boxes and printed owners manual(not sure if it's original or not) Full asking price includes these extras as well; A matched quad of KT-88 Shuguang Treasure tubes Paid $600 A matched pair of Shuguang Treasure Tubes CV-181's(6SN7's). Paid $275 A couple matched pairs of NOS 6SN7's(Various brands). Paid aprox $150 One brand new, custom made to your requested length(up to 6') soon to be released KCI Fireball power cord $749 value. I will split shipping costs with you. If you would like the amp without the TT's, NOS tubes, KCI powercord and you pay shipping then I'll take $4600 for it. I do not smoke and there have been no animals or livestock sleeping on or about the piece. I apologize for the sorry photos but I'm no photographer and did the best I could with the cheap camera I currently own. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have, I can be reached directly at; I can accept Paypal but buyer is responsible for all fees incurred for that convenience. I appreciate you taking the time to look at my ad here on the AudiogoN. I would love a local sale due to shipping costs/damage risks but am willing to ship if need be. I will entertain offers but please do not send low ball offers as they will be politely ignored. Thank you, have a great week!! A
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