Von Schweikert Masterbuilt Reference Bi-cablesVon Schweikert  Masterbuilt Reference Bi-cablesVon Schweikert Masterbuilt Reference Bi-cables - Not to be mistaken with the standard reference cables, this set is constructed of 4 separate 8 ft runs of doubled up conductors for true bi-wire ope...2000.00

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Von Schweikert Masterbuilt Reference Bi-cables - Not to be mistaken with the standard reference cables, this set is constructed of 4 separate 8 ft runs of doubled up conductors for true bi-wire operation. spade to banana at (speaker end). Primarily used with Von speakers from the vr5se and upwards. Retail was $6000 i am asking $2000 which is good value for cables of this quality. I am the UK agent for Von Schweikert and can supply the range within that country. Albert will be happy to verify the non-standard nature of this set. thanks for looking. REVIEWS There's a great review in stereo times, just search the archives. I've also pasted a review below from the Positive Feedback Awards which will give more insight into these cables. Please note that the review refers to the standard signature set: Von Schweikert Audio MasterBuilt™ Signature Bi-wire Cables A consultant from an "undisclosed" aerospace company, one that has the contract to furnish cabling for the space shuttle program and the International Space Station, designed these robust and seductive bi-wires in collaboration with Albert Von Schweikert. About the only information available on these relatively new and remarkable sounding cables is that they are "state of the art" in terms of design and materials, although they appear to be just single crystal copper with extremely good connectors and winding geometry. Captured almost instantly by their inveigling overall liquidity of presentation, they offer up music with a distinctly organic and natural quality, from a velvety smooth, dark backdrop. Their overall tonal balance and rendering of individual timbre is splendidly truthfully, as is their presentation of harmonic structure and rhythmic timing. They offer a copious musical bloom, a crucial attribute that I find shamefully absent from many other pricy entrants, a sonic attribute akin to something similar to what I would typically ascribe to well-executed tube amplification. Microdynamic shading and MACRO dynamic rending is unnerving, as is their staggering ability to resolve low-level and inner detail. They offer tremendously delicate detail and powerful resolve, presenting the listener a greater ease in detecting differences in recording level, microphone differences/changes, recording techniques and venues. Stage dimensions and image specificity are vivid and realistic, informing you with a more faithful depiction of size, space, and location, as well as contributing greater focus and stability within the acoustic. This better-delineated soundstage, with sharper focus of image outlines, is accurately shaped without losing the air around instruments. This delicate union of focus and air should not be seen as commonplace. It is an area where this new entrant from VSA clearly bests many otherwise adequate cables that reveal themselves able to do only one or the other. Venue size becomes apparent, recording permitting, and the rear corners of the soundstage are more fully illuminated and distinguishable. And what they facilitate with deep bass, down into the low teens, is indescribably addictive! The result in my system, vetted over several speaker systems in the over $20K a pair price range, and compared with other cables even more costly, is an unparalleled musical culmination of vibrancy of timbre, tonal bloom, and rhythmic vitality; a result that was clearly absent prior to their insertion. As someone who has made it a personal mission to understand cables in general, and loudspeaker cables in particular, I can say without trepidation that I don't like cables. For the most part, selecting cables is applying the least invasive tone control you can find for a given collection of gear. Further, I detest fussing with them, the run in process, substituting this one or that, banana's or spades, and as a reviewer and consultant, having to tell an anxious cable designer that his most recent and exotic cable design is, well, just so-so—if that, gets really old! Yet, even as jaded as I am, these new MasterBuilt™ Bi-wires have completely won me over. They release sheer magic.
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