VON SCHWEIKERT VR-1 Reference Studio Monitor SystemVR-1 AFRICAN HAZLEWOODAll new in the sealed boxes, WITH Von Schweikert stands also NEW IN BOX, comes with written 10 year warranty, aquired from and authorized dealer, these are African Hazelwood finish, details are bel...1195.00


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All new in the sealed boxes, WITH Von Schweikert stands also NEW IN BOX, comes with written 10 year warranty, aquired from and authorized dealer, these are African Hazelwood finish, details are below, call Bob at 619-440-6918. These have great reviews online, PICTURES HERE http://www.vonschweikert.com/interface/vr1_main.htm SORRY, NO PAYPAL, all of my sales here have been paid via personal check, money order, postal money order ect.. The VR-1 Reference Studio Monitor System is truly a breakthrough in performance versus price. This Reference-Grade mini-monitor utilizes new technology to provide breathtaking clarity and an incredible three-dimensional sound stage. Our insistence on using only the finest hand-made parts allows us to offer a no-compromise design standard. The VR-1 has deep bass, high power handling, and lush high frequency response, making it ideal for recording studio use and critical listenership. Frequency response graphs, specifically pair-matched to each right and left serial number are included, demonstrating our unmatched commitment to quality control, and providing an irrefutable scientific endorsement of engineering and performance. Magnetically shielded, faithfully musical, and beguilingly muscular, the affordable VR-1 provides studio-grade quality for stereo and multi-channel theater applications. Bass power and midrange clarity are spectacular, far exceeding that of ordinary small speaker systems. A special composite of mica-impregnated cellulose acetate pulp with polymer resin damping yields a stiff and light woofer/midrange cone, enabling exceptionally fast transient response. Our new tweeter design reproduces clean high frequencies at high volume levels, a result of an unusual mechanical construction of the tweeter motor - and a tweeter dome constructed from three layers of composite materials. Not only does this new tweeter sound extremely clean, it is also unusually lush, with a smoothness simply not found in common dome tweeters. If you like ribbon or electrostatic drivers, you will love the VR-1. The Von Schweikert Global Axis Integration Network circuit enables complete phase integration between these outstanding drivers, allowing a natural and coherent blend of midrange frequencies from the woofer and tweeter. Hand built crossovers utilize only the finest parts available, ensuring the highest level of transparency and image focus The VR-1 brings a rare - and remarkably affordable - character to the subtle nuance of sound performance. VR STAND-1 Finished in a dramatic piano-black polyester, the Stand-1 highlights the elegance of the VR-1, as well as optimizing it's sonic performance. The stylish design effortlessly integrates with any type of décor. Studio Reference Monitors require a heavy stand to stabilize the bass response and accurately broadcast image focus. A properly weighted, high quality stand is critical for articulate sound! Our dedicated Stand-1 places the tweeter at the correct listening height, and is the precise weight necessary to properly dampen the speaker and tighten the bass. This gorgeous decorator stand belies its sophisticated engineering, allowing the listener to enjoy the full sonic potential of the VR-1, and its huge holographic sound stage. For thick carpets, we have included sharp pyramid cones, which thread into the base of the Stand-1. Height: 26.5" (67 cm) without carpet spikes. Spikes included. Column Width: 3 inches. Base: 11" X 13" (28 X 33 cm) Weight: 14 lbs. Some assembly required. VR-1 Studio Reference Monitor SPECIFICATIONS: Woofer: 6.5" resin impregnated mica/cellulose composite cone, cast frame, high temperature voice coil, and large shielded magnet. VSA Low Distortion Motor system. Tweeter: 1" composite silk dome VSA tweeter with resin impregnation, large shielded magnet and high-temp voice coil. VSA Low Distortion Motor system. Crossover: Phase-coherent Global Axis Integration Network with stacked First Order circuits configured to enable 4th order acoustic slopes for minimum cross-talk distortion and reduced lobing. Frequency Response: 40Hz to 25 kHz (-3dB points, in-room). Anechoic Graphs included* Impedance: 8 ohms nominal, 5 ohms min. Sensitivity: 89 dB @one watt/one meter. (in-room, non anechoic) Power Handling: 100 watts continuous music (200 watts per channel peak). Minimum Power: 8 watts per channel. Single Ended Triode Amps welcome! Dimensions: 12" x 8" x 11" Weight: 13lbs ea. (28 lbs packed pair for shipping) Inputs: 5-way rhodium plated binding posts. Warranty: Ten years parts and labor, excluding burned voice coils due to amplifier clipping. Finishes: Blonde Maple, African Hazelwood, Black Ash, and Dark Cherry. All feature solid wood trim, 45° chamfered edges/corners, and a sheer gloss resin clear coat. Removable, acoustically configured grille with anti-diffraction ring. Gift packed in black and white printed carton, with individual embossed velvet speaker bags to protect each cabinet.
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