WaterfallSerioWaterfall Serio Glass satellite speakers-NEWI am a dealer and do not pay fees when I sell products. Call 770-667-5633 or email underwoodwally@aol.com for faster response to questions I am helping the ex US Waterfall importer sell of the r...225.00

Waterfall Serio Glass satellite speakers-NEW [Expired]

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I am a dealer and do not pay fees when I sell products. Call 770-667-5633 or email underwoodwally@aol.com for faster response to questions I am helping the ex US Waterfall importer sell of the remainder of his inventory. All speakers are new and below dealer cost. I have a few pair of brand new, factory sealed, $500.00 a pair Serio satellite speakers in black, white and silver finishes. They are also very nice for desktop audio. The Serio's 3-inch driver is housed in an aluminum enclosure framed by a ΒΌ" piece of glass that forms the baffle. The driver is coupled to the aluminum enclosure using Waterfall's patented Heatstream process to improve power handling and durability. The Serio speaker stands have a thick glass base that provides good stability for the speaker. The speaker wires run in a channel from the floor to the back of the satellites. In the About.com Stereos review they sum up with: "So guys, you'll still want big speakers in the man cave, but with the Waterfall Audio Serio in the living room, den or office you get a speaker system with balanced sound quality, solid imaging and clean details that integrates neatly with the room. Girls will like it, too. Satisfy your inner ear and her eye for style at the same time." They also said: "Small speakers such as the 3-inch drivers in the Serio satellites have inherent sound advantages. A small speaker behaves closer to a point-source driver where sound radiates in a 360-degree pattern around the speaker. In this case they deliver excellent center imaging particularly with vocals. Quick transient response is another characteristic of small speakers because of their lower mass. Percussion instruments benefit from swift transient response." "Pinpoint vocal imaging and a snappy-sounding guitar made Maria Gomez' "Lucia" come alive (CD, Chesky Records). The accordian in this song, a seemingly uncommon musical instrument, sounded sweet and natural. The satellites seemed to blend seamlessly with the subwoofer." "The Serios have good detail resolution as I heard in Anjani's "No One After You" (CD, Columbia Records). Vocal clarity and imaging stood out again as a strong point of the Serios." "As I listened, it became clear that the Serio speakers are most comfortable with music containing lots of well-recorded detail. They sound best at moderate volumes but have no trouble handling dynamic peaks when needed - a good blend of performance and style." Read the entire review at: http://stereos.about.com/od/reviewsandrecommendations/fr/waterfallaudioserio.htm If you are looking for a below dealer cost price on a new pair of designer styled small monitors (to be used with a sub) or need a pair of real good looking surrounds or background music speakers the Serios might be right up your alley. Driver: 3-inch Recommended power: 30 - 80 watts Peak Power: 150 watts Impedance: 4 - 8 ohms Sensitivity: 87 dB Frequency response: 180 Hz - 20 kHz Dimensions (W x H x D): 125 x 85 x 125 Weight: 1 Kg Available in black, white and silver I also have a few (2 black and 1 white) of the $1300.00 High Force 1 subwoofers for only $650.00 We accept Visa and MasterCard as well as money orders. Call me to discuss these super hi value amps at 770-667-5633. GA customers pay 6% sales tax. International sales are paid by bank funds wire transfer only. Brands carried: Acoustic Zen, Audio Space, Audio Zone, Bob Carver tube amplifiers, Creek, Denon, Emerald Physics, Epos, ERA, Furutech ADL, Gallo loudspeakers, Gini Systems LS3/5A loudspeakers , Graham Slee, Jolida, LSA amps and speakers, Marantz Reference, Modwright amps & preamps, Mordaunt Short Loudspeakers, Music Hall, Peachtree Audio, Project turntables, PS Audio, PurePower AVPS Quad, Rolls Bellari, Silverline Audio loudspeakers, SONOS, Spatial Computer, Spread Spectrum Technologies Ampzilla, VMPS Loudspeakers, WADIA, Wireworld, Wyred 4 Sound, Wywires Sales policies on our website at www.underwoodhifi.com
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