WILSON AUDIOWATCH CENTERWILSON AUDIO WATCH CENTER AMAZING Center Channel SpeakerAbout the WATCH Center speaker from Wilson's site: The WATCH series of speakers from Wilson is designed to be a real solution for music and film playback in surround. The WATCH center speaker is a ...3250.00

WILSON AUDIO WATCH CENTER AMAZING Center Channel Speaker [Expired]

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About the WATCH Center speaker from Wilson's site: The WATCH series of speakers from Wilson is designed to be a real solution for music and film playback in surround. The WATCH center speaker is a formidable product with many trickle-down technologies from Wilson super-expensive products. The WATCH center speaker is 12.5 inches tall, 20 inches wide and 16 inches deep, weighing a hefty 70 pounds without a stand. The WATCH is a four ohm speaker with a 94 dB efficiency and a frequency response of 55 Hz up to 22 kHz. The WATCH center speaker is made of a phenolic resin product that, unlike MDF (a plywood-like product that is found in nearly all high-end loudspeakers), is extremely dense and inert all the way through the cabinet. MDF is somewhat hard on the surface, but it is not nearly as dense beneath as the WATCH’s poured resin. The difference has sonic importance, because when a cabinet is made of extremely dense material, the cabinet itself has very little effect on the overall timbre of the speaker. The designers call the sound the cabinet gives a speaker its "cabinet signature." The WATCH Center speaker does everything possible to reduce its cabinet signature, thus allowing you to hear more music and film soundtrack and less speaker coloration. In a perfect world, you would be able to place your WATCH center speaker perfectly aligned between your two Wilson front loudspeakers. In the real world, this isn't always the case. This is why Wilson designed the WATCH center speaker so that its PDC (Phase Delay Correction) technology is similar to what you'd find on the Grand SLAMM loudspeakers. The PDC technology allows you, with exacting accuracy, to position the tweeter in perfect alignment with the front edge of your front speakers. Amazingly, Wilson has come up with another misguided product name. WATCH isn't nearly as cute as "CUB" or as strange as "WATT Puppy." WATCH is simply an inappropriate name for a speaker that the core Wilson audience will buy primarily for its listening value. Ironically, longtime Wilson owners will be using their WATCH mainly to listen to music in 5.1. Reluctantly up for sale is a Diamond Black Wilson Watch Center channel speaker with black/gray grilles. I have never had the grilles off and the original factory plastic covering on the tweeter module is still in place! This speaker was originally purchased by me from an authorized distributor here in the PNW who also professionally installed it. It was originally installed in a dedicated home theater room where it had it's own compartment built into the wall above a plasma display (so was literally never touched). It was only used on weekends and movie nights. It is used more often now however it is in a three speaker configuration (with Sophia's) in an apartment so not loud or abused (not that this would bother a Wilson Audio product)! It is without question the most exceptional center channel speaker I have ever heard! I HATE having to give it up. Finances forces sale. :( Look around, read the reviews... There are none to be found for a very good reason, they are amazing speakers and people like to keep them!! I will try to post more and better original pics later. I can always send more pics to interested parties. ;) It is conservatively rated 8/10 due only to swirl marks from polishing (and dust), if there are any significant marks anywhere I can't find them. Perfect sonically and great physically... I have tons of great feedback and been dealing on Audiogon (and ebay) for many years. I do not have the original crate! Buyer is responsible for transport at their choice and discretion. Email me for suggestions on shipping, payment, etc, etc. Photos below (Red and Yellow Watches) are used for detail purposes only, this unit is BLACK and has no stand! Thanks for looking! :)
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