Woodsong Audio Garrard 301Koa single tonearm plinthWoodsong Audio Garrard 301 Koa single tonearm plinthWoodsong Audio brings to you the highest quality, best performing plinths available for the Garrard idler drive turntables. This listing is for the single tonearm Koa veneered plinth shown in...2600.00

Woodsong Audio Garrard 301 Koa single tonearm plinth [Expired]

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Woodsong Audio brings to you the highest quality, best performing plinths available for the Garrard idler drive turntables. This listing is for the single tonearm Koa veneered plinth shown in the photos. The Garrard 301 deck is not included. This is a super nice plinth, FINISHED AND READY TO SHIP NOW. It is veneered in Koa, a gorgeous Hawaiian wood that is becoming difficult to obtain. Included are 2 tonearm boards, one machined for your tonearm of choice, and a spare, and 3 Stillpoints OEM footers. The deck mounts to the plinth from the top with our specially manufactured M6 polished Stainless oval slot head screws that closely resemble the original Garrard mounting hardware. These fit into threaded inserts in the plinth. The armboard is articulating, and will accept a 9" or 12" tonearm, and fastens securely with an M8 allen head bolt. An IEC fitted to the rear of the plinth delivers power to the Garrard motor. 3 1/4-20 tapped holes in the base of the plinth allow the included Stillpoints footers to be threaded securely into the plinth. . Constructed from a time tested combination of materials, including a proprietary damping material, specifically selected adhesives, resins, and other materials. Woodsong Garrard plinths are a true CLD design. Most Woodsong Garrard plinths are finished in a high quality, shop cut veneer, specifically chosen for beauty of grain, and long term integrity, and cut and surfaced at our facility. In my opinion, this is by far the best method for creating a wood finish CLD plinth. This is not to be confused with commercially available veneers which are most often used in furniture building and common woodworking. Commercial veneers are most often 1/42” thick, or 0.8mm. Woodsong shop cut veneers range from slightly less than 1/16”, for very stiff woods like Ebony or Cocobolo, that need to bend around plinth corners, to about 3/32” for plinth tops (2-3mm). Woodsong shop cut veneers are also not to be confused with thick (often claimed around 1”) solid wood ‘veneers’. It is easy to find plinths being offered elsewhere that are wrapped in solid wood, often 1”. This is a very bad idea, and is a guaranteed recipe for joints opening up years later, or sooner. All wood has moisture in it, and all wood moves with moisture and temperature change. Also, all finishes breathe, including resins, and thick plastic looking coatings like automotive clearcoats. Dense exotic hardwoods are especially prone to not giving up their moisture quickly. Thick woods need to be seasoned for years, and they will still change in dimension when moved to a different environment, or even seasonally. It is easy to ‘wrap’ a stack of plinth materials with 1” thick boards, it requires little precision, or preparation of materials, and is relatively easy to shape/finish. This is why people do this. Looks good out of the showroom, but watch out in the long run. Woodworkers throughout the centuries have dealt with this element of the nature of wood. Those who do not, their woodworking does not last, period. Anything thicker than about 1/8” to ¼” of solid wood over a stable substrate such as a CLD plinth, is entering into where the wood has an agenda of it’s own with regards to dimensional change. No finish, or wishful thinking will stop wood from moving over time. This is one of the main reasons why veneer was created. If you are considering buying a plinth, you owe it to yourself to understand the techniques used in the creation, and what makes an heirloom quality piece. Email for a picture package with hi-res photos. Thank you for looking. Chris Harban (208) 304-0973 www.woodsongaudio.com Plinths are shipped in specifically built shipping containers, designed to take the abuses that the couriers are capable of. Worldwide shipping is available.
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