Woodsong Audio Linn Sondek LP12Snakewood and Ebony plinth!Woodsong Audio Linn Sondek LP12 Snakewood and Ebony plinth!Woodsong Audio is widely recognized as the maker of the finest plinths available for the Linn Sondek LP12. The top LP12 dealers and specialists all over the world, as well as many, many LP12 owner...3000.00

Woodsong Audio Linn Sondek LP12 Snakewood and Ebony plinth! [Expired]

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Woodsong Audio is widely recognized as the maker of the finest plinths available for the Linn Sondek LP12. The top LP12 dealers and specialists all over the world, as well as many, many LP12 owners the world over, recognize the high level of attention to detail, precision, and extreme quality that is a Woodsong LP12 plinth. This listing is for the Snakewood and Ebony plinth shown in the photos. The plinth ONLY, and none of the other choice bits.. The plinth is finished, and ready to ship now. It is amazing, and a one-off. Snakewood is one of the most expensive, and most difficult of all woods to work with. Finding a piece of Snakewood with grain this perfect is nearly impossible. A solid Snakewood plinth is not a viable option, even if you could find the wood, which you can't, due to it's nature! This plinth is expensive, but so amazingly gorgeous! It looks better in real life than in photos. Contact me if you are interested, for this plinth I will offer an inspection period so you can be sure you like it. Sonically, it is excellent. It is dead flat, and absolutely stable, a plinth for a lifetime and a serious one of a kind. The LP12 in its current form of the Radikal, Urika, Akiva, Ekos SE, Keel, the new Khan top plate, maybe a Naim Aro if you can find one, and a Woodsong plinth, there is not much out there that can touch this deck. The current LP12 sits among the very best turntable systems available today without question. The LP12 is one of the most popular decks on the planet, and has a colorful history. The LP12 also happens to be one of the most polarizing turntables ever, you either love them, or hate them, most opinions not being based on how the deck actually sounds, or from experience of meaningful, direct A/B comparisons…. The current LP12 ROCKS! Woodsong LP12 plinths are created from the finest of exotic and domestic hardwoods, hand selected for beautiful grain, and structural integrity over the long haul. The process of buying wood is constant, wood arrives at our facility every week, in many, many flavors, all carefully selected. Most often, the boards are immediately rough milled, many species are coated in shellac, and then set in drying racks in a climate controlled room for a long rest. Some of this wood sits for years before it is ready. To purchase a board of Cocobolo for instance, turn it into a plinth and ship it within 2 months, this is asking for trouble. Patience and proper seasoning are a must. Woodsong LP12 plinths are made to an extremely high level of precision, in every dimension. Some tolerances are +/- 0.02” , others are not so tight, but attention is required, and given, to every aspect of the plinth. Woodsong LP12 plinths are made in batches from several, up to 40-50 at a time. Currently, we have a very large selection of plinths that are nearing completion, in many species of wood. Installation is exactly as with a factory pinth, though you , (the technician installing the plinth!) may likely find that some aspects of installation may actually be easier with a Woodsong plinth, due to the very tight manufacturing tolerances. Every hole is drilled for every factory part, and for every incarnation of the venerable LP12. Please contact me directly for availability and specific details. Sometimes I have plinths available for immediate shipping, and always, there are plinths that are close to finish. Please view my website www.woodsongaudio.com for further details. I am the US distributor for the new Tiger Paw Khan top plate, and can provide one with your plinth. Shipping within the CONUS is $30, International shipping is $75. Plinths are double boxed and very well packaged. Thank you for looking. Chris Harban Woodsong Audio 208.304.0973 www.woodsongaudio.com
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