Wright SoundWIA 1515Unusual offering-- this is the last prototype hand-built by the late George Wright. It is identical in every way to the production version except that the chassis is a "blank" e.g. grey rather tha...900.00

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Unusual offering-- this is the last prototype hand-built by the late George Wright. It is identical in every way to the production version except that the chassis is a "blank" e.g. grey rather than black and lacking the lettering. (I have used small 'stickies' to label the functions, but these are not really necessary and can be quickly removed if desired). I am the second owner; it has been completely reliable for me in two years. Loss of my home office 2nd listening room necessitates sale. This unit would appeal to an audiophile who wants the best sound for the buck and is not overly concerned with cosmetics, or collector for whom the "prototype" status would hold appeal. Fans of audio jewelry should look elsewhere certainly. Self biasing, EL84 push pull, tube rectified, 15/24 watts, point-to-point wiring, made in USA and has awesome kick-a-- tube sound. Plays well outside of it's price point sound-wise and has a load of useful features (front iPod jack, wonderful headphone amp, individual volume control, pre-out for sub, etc). I've rated it 6/10, but a little hard to say; it's basically in the shape it was in when it left George's workshop, but there are various drilling marks etc consistent with prototype nature. Two caveats: one of the volume controls just started to have a bit of 'scratch' when turning, easily fixed with a bit of contact enhancer spray (I just haven't had a chance to buy some), doesn't affect sound at all; and I just purchased but have not tested a new replacement JJ EL84 tube set. The line tubes appear fine, though this is a good amp if you are interested in tube-rolling. Buyer pays shipping; I've found FedEx to be the best. Although I don't have the original box I will have it professionally packed at my cost. I prefer Paypal and will absorb the fees as well. Here is some information from the web: This is a new offering for Wright Sound Company, after careful design considerations, we now have a made in American, no holes bared integrated 15 watt stereo amplifier. The WIA1515 is designed for office, den or main listening room. The 1515 is open, fast and extremely detailed with it's pure sonic performance. This product will bring the performance into you presence with it's truly accurate resolution, you will hear deeper into the music than you thought possible. The 1515 accepts standard analog inputs plus has inputs for MP3 and other portable audio devices, and has inputs on back for both RCA and 3.5mm stereo inputs for computer interfaces. The 1515 is rated at 15 watts per channel RMS with 24 watts musical power, using the EL84 vacuum tubes driven by ECC83/12AX7 line stages. Using the Wright Tripple C circuitry for the first line stage, eliminates the Miller effect and allows more open operation. Combined with a Parraphase splitter and driver allows for accurate push pull operation with low odd harmonics, with tube rectification makes this a fast detailed and dynamic preformer. Tube amplification tends to help smooth out digital compressed music and allow the listeners to enjoy their music with less fatigue. Also with a speaker switch and two head phone jacks, one 3.5mm and one 1/4", you can enjoy the sound in your own privacy as well as sharing with friends and co-listeners. The 1515 is designed for many trouble free years of service, it is plug and play with no adjustments needed ever. The 1515 is self biased and flexible for most any musical requirements for the serious listener. For customer controls it has the Input selector, the Stereo/Mono/Rev Stereo Mode selector, Main Volume. left and right gain controls ( for setting balance and output level for a wide range of speaker and listener requirements). Speaker off or on, Power switch. The 1515 has five sets of inputs, two for either RCA or 3.5mm.
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