Wyred 4 Sound2m P1 Power cable,Wyred 4 Sound 2m P1 Power cable, 110% shielded!~~INTRODUCTARY SPECIAL PRICE~~ Finally....an answer for those who are looking for optimum resolution without the huge price tag! Our P-1 series cables offer solid power transfer and optimum noise ...159.00

Wyred 4 Sound 2m P1 Power cable, 110% shielded! [Expired]

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Finally....an answer for those who are looking for optimum resolution without the huge price tag!  Our P-1 series cables offer solid power transfer and optimum noise rejection.  The source of power to your equipment is very important.  Even when powering from the wall a high quality cable such as this can be a real eye opener.

With Ultra pure copper conductors, we promise to provide nothing but the finest quality in conductivity.....where it matters the most!   Like our ultra signal cables, the P1 series also provide 99.99% OFC multi-gauge, multi-strand conductors for maximum copper compaction, and transfer.  Offering a build construction you expect to find in cables costing many times over and being able to appreciate an extremely long lifetime of satisfaction, you will quickly learn the W4S value. 

Redefining the meaning of Dynamics, these cables will prove to you what you've been missing out of your system.  Speeding up the current flow and charge rates through the Cryo Genetically treated Wattgate connectors with exceptional 110% shielding, the P1 series cables will provide a more refined bottom end, smoother midrange, and a dead quiet noise-floor.  Also remember....beefy power cables are not only for high power gear, but also have a major impact on less demanding products as well.  After all, it is the perfect match for any of your W4S gear!


 *Typical burn-in time is 150 hours.



  • 3 conductors of 11AWG Multi-gauge, multi-strand 99.99% OFC copper
  • Metallurgy - Ultra high purity copper
  • Ultra-low loss Foam Polyethylene dielectric
  • Ultra low capacitance
  • Ultra low impedance and inductance
  • Ultra flexible
  • Noise rejecting 110% Aluminum Mylar shielding construction
  • Wattgate Cryo Treated connectors (5266i plug / 320i IEC)
  • Large 18mm overall size
  • Navy-Blue in color with black braiding on top

****Don't be fooled by the fakes out there, this is the real deal****

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