Wyred 4 SoundMini MC-5Call me at 770-667-5633 or email underwoodwally@aol.com with questions. Please note: These multi channel amps are great for biamping stereo speakers in quality audio systems as well as for home...1995.00

Wyred 4 Sound Mini MC-5 220 watts x 5ch amp-New [Expired]

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Call me at 770-667-5633 or email underwoodwally@aol.com with questions. Please note: These multi channel amps are great for biamping stereo speakers in quality audio systems as well as for home theater applications.

In the latest review they sum up with:
"Like most of you, I am not the sort of individual who easily parts with 2400 dollars for an amplifier - though reasonable in the high end, this is no small sum of money for most of us who pursue this hobby. After having the MMC-7 in my system for the past 10 weeks I can safely say that I was wrong, 2400 dollars isn't too much money for an amplifier when it performs like the MMC-7."

"Wyred 4 Sound has delivered a product that resides squarely beneath the price/performance inflection point where your dollar doesn't buy you better sound. The MMC-7 delivers effortless dynamics, a huge sound stage and excellent imaging with the sort of sound quality and lack of noise you'd expect in a top end stereo amplifier."

Read the entire review at:

The Wyred 4 Sound Mini MC fully balanced 220 watts/ch multichannel 3, 5 or 7 channel power amps are now shipping.

We can also supply these in 220/240 volt versions for international sales.

The Mini MC is available in 3, 5 and 7 channel versions. The amp has balanced outputs with a robust 220 watts RMS per channel into 8 ohms and 360 into 4 ohms. This amplifier is a true multi-mono design, each channel completely independent from input to output. The only thing they share is the power cord and chassis.

There are separate inputs for balanced or unbalanced connections that are easily selected by a switch on the rear of the unit. The input stage was designed for optimum sonics maintaining fully differential operation from inputs to output. It also optimizes the input impedance for all sources so tube or solid state preamps can be used with this amp. The amplifier includes a trigger input and output, rear panel on/off switch and a dimable blue power indicator.

The Mini MC is based on one of the newest Ice power modules the ASX-125. The efficiency exceeds 90 percent in both amplifier and power supply sections, which secures cool operation and enhances product reliability. Combined with the low idle consumption, which is 5 to 10 times lower than in comparable Class AB amplifier assemblies, the ASX2 solutions are a responsible (Green) choice when caring for the environment.

The amp is available in 3,5 or 7 channels & each channel has its own power supply to allow 220 watts in any configuration. All models produce 220 watts, at 8 ohms, into all channels simultaneously, and 360 watts into a 4 ohm load with 450 watt peaks. There are 3, 5 or 7 mono amps in one chassis.

The 5-channel version sells for only $1995.00 while the 7- channel version is $2395.00. The 3 ch version is $1795.00

The amps come with the standard Wyred 4 Sound 3-year factory warranty and are made in their California factory. They are only sold Internet Direct and have no dealers to keep the cost down.

We accept Visa and MasterCard as well as money orders. Call me to discuss these super hi value amps at 770-667-5633.

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