Wyred 4 SoundSTP/SEI have a clean trade-in Wyred 4 Sound STP/SE black balanced preamplifier 6moons.com has given the STP a Blue Moon award denoting it as: "A full featured Reference preamp with a passive's Tran...1580.00

Wyred 4 Sound STP/SE Remote Passive/Active preamp [Expired]

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I have a clean trade-in Wyred 4 Sound STP/SE black balanced preamplifier 6moons.com has given the STP a Blue Moon award denoting it as: "A full featured Reference preamp with a passive's Transparency, active dynamics and tube colors for a highly competitive price made in America" Read the entire superb review a: http://www.6moons.com/audioreviews/wyred2/preamp.html The STP brings the same amazing performance for the dollar value as the Wyred 4 Sound power amps that have received such great reviews. Here is a customer comment: "The W4S STP is amazing! Out of the box the sound stage was larger and deeper, which resulted in greater transparency and three dimensionality. My first impression was a significant increase in overall clarity and separation. The bass is deep and tight. I've also noticed my CDs have a more vinyl sound in the highs, especially a more natural decay with cymbals that so often get smeared and twangy with lesser preamps. Really I can't believe that this two grand preamp is not only outperforming but putting to shame my former $6000 reference BAT VK-3ix SE, which sells for nearly three times as much. I had no idea I was missing so much music." The SRP/SE is sold direct to the end user with no dealer profit margins. If we used dealers this would be a $4000-$5000.00 preamplifier. Call me at 770-667-5633 to discuss. My trade in looks quite good. I have it conservatively rated at a 6/10. It has some small marls on the front and top. They are small and a black marker will cover them nicely. Feel free to listen to any solid state preamp and compare sonics as well as features to the STP. I think you will be amazed at its value. The STP is a fully balanced passive design that has an active gain stage (8dB) that is only used when the volume control is advanced far enough to need it. It has over 164,000uf of power smoothing capacitance. This is far more than most power amplifiers. It is available in both black and silver finishes. Most of the time you are listening to a fully balanced passive preamp run thru a custom designed fully discrete resistor ladder volume control using Dale resistors. The volume control is controlled from the front panel, or remote control, by an optical rotary encoder. It is accurate to less than 1/10th of a Db per channel. If you're looking for the ultimate in transparency, in an unbelievably accurate pre-amp with superb dynamics and exceptional imaging then the STP may be for you. The feature set is amazing. 1) The preamp is fully balanced from input to output. 2) It has 2 sets of XLR balanced outputs as well as 2 sets of RCA single ended outputs. 3) There are 3 sets of single ended RCA inputs and 2 sets of balanced XLR inputs. 4) It has 12v triggers to activate the Home Theater pass thru that is customizable for any input. 5) There is a balance control. 6) There is an absolute phase control 7) There is a customizable multichannel pass thru 8) Made in Atascadero, California The STP is the giant killer preamp like the Wyred 4 Sound amps that have received reviewer comments like: "the Wyred 4 Sound is a ground breaking accomplishment that'll bring a new level of power and sophistication to a budget conscious listening audience that could only dream of such performance before." See the entire review at: http://www.positive-feedback.com/Issue39/wyred4sound.htm "The high-end is dead! Long live the high-end! A paradigm shift is upon us now. In the Wyred 4 Sound ST-1000 stereo amplifier, we have a maturing technology that absolutely changes the performance-to-price expectation for solid-state amplifiers in the $2,000 to $10,000 price range." See the entire review at: http://www.10audio.com/wyred4sound_st1000.htm The STP preamp full feature set is as follows: * Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD) * Optical rotary encoder (volume knob) * Fully functional remote control * 12V DC Trigger input (to automatically activate HT Bypass mode) * 2- 12V DC Trigger outputs * Home Theater bypass (customizable for any input, also DC Trigger input selected) * Balance control * Absolute phase control (0°/180°) * Input offset (adjustable per input) * Efficient (no heat) * Triple-ripple reduction circuit contains 164,560uF of capacitance * Extremely low noise floor (
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