Xtreme AvQuickSilver Gold -NEW!!! QuickSilver GOLD 2.5 gram Smaller Size... ONLY $145.00!!! Original QuickSilver Gold 4.5 gram also available for $250!!! NEW!!! Xtreme AV QuickSilver GOLD REVIEW!!! Xtreme AV ...145.00

Xtreme Av QuickSilver Gold - $145.00! [Expired]

no longer for sale

NEW!!! QuickSilver GOLD 2.5 gram Smaller Size... ONLY $145.00!!!

Original QuickSilver Gold 4.5 gram also available for $250!!!

NEW!!! Xtreme AV QuickSilver GOLD REVIEW!!!

Xtreme AV & Xtreme Cables proudly introduce...

QuickSilver GOLD

Breakthrough Audio & Video Contact Enhancer

Transform Your System… Electrify Your Audio & Video Experience!!!

The Problem
Machined and/or plated electrical contacts, when viewed under a microscope, actually have a rough surface finish… allowing less than 5% of the contact's surface to actually make contact and transfer vital energy to your electronic components… be it AC Power, Audio or Video signals. In addition, these rough contacts cause micro-arcing to take place… generating noise… which is then transferred and amplified in your system along with the complex, multi-frequency Audio and Video signals – resulting in a dramatic loss in resolution, low-level information retrieval and a less natural 2-dimensional presentation. It doesnt have to be this way!

The Solution
Our NEW QuickSilver GOLD Audio and Video Enhancer… a revolutionary, breakthrough product that will MAXIMIZE surface area contact (to nearly 100%) for maximum unimpeded energy transfer… while DRAMATICALLY MINIMIZING micro-arching noise… MAXIMIZING low-level information retrieval... allowing one's Audio and/or Video system to function at its full potential! The end result… increased macro and micro-detail resolution and a lowering of the noise floor in both Audio and Video applications… resulting in the most 3-Dimensional audio sound stage presentation… as well as the most vibrant, colorful and life-like 3-Dimensional video presentation imaginable.

Most all of our Beta Testers are saying that our NEW QuickSilver GOLD is a "breakthrough" Audio and Video product... whose performance improvement over our industry leading pure silver-based QuickSilver Contact Enhancer is MULTIPLE TIMES BETTER... and is simply the absolute best Audio & Video Contact Enhancer on the planet... PERIOD.

If you are a true audiophile... and want the BEST... we strongly recommend that you "go for the GOLD"!!!

In fact, our Beta Testers agree that QuickSilver GOLD should NOT be thought of as an optional "Tweak" or "Accessory"... but is really the FOUNDATION to realizing the FULL POTENTIAL of your Audio & Video components... resulting in the most realistic, life-like, natural and emotionally involving Audio and Video experience imaginable!!! And once they have experienced QuickSilver GOLD treated systems... they can NEVER go back to listening or viewing their Audio or Video/HT systems without it. QuickSilver GOLD MUST BE seen and heard to be believed… as this simple-to-use, "breakthrough" product can enhance the listening or viewing pleasure of most any Audio and Video system! And it's GUARANTEED PERFORM!!!


QuickSilver GOLD Contact Enhancer…

The Next Best Thing to Hard-Wiring Your Entire Audio & Video System!!!

Click Here to purchase QSG 2.5 or QSG 4.5

About QuickSilver GOLD
At Xtreme AV, our design team set out to develop the finest Audio and Video Contact Enhancer on the planet… cost no object. While developing QuickSilver GOLD, we tested 3 types of proprietary conductive flake blends in differing particle sizes… Beta Testing THREE different formulas... all suspended in our proven antioxidant enriched dielectric carrier fluid known for its dielectric characteristics, heat tolerance, PROTECTIVE and exceptional musical and visual presentation qualities.

Then after comparing our QuickSilver GOLD to several respected competitive Silver-based products in direct A/B evaluations, including our industry leading silver-based QuickSilver Contact Enhancer... our designers and Beta Testers unanimously agreed that QuickSilver GOLD is MULTIPLE TIMES superior… in both Audio and Video applications… to any Silver-based contact enhancer or contact treatment on the market today! We are confident enough to claim that when compared to QuickSilver GOLD… there is NO COMPETITION!!!

The great news is that our next generation… cryogenically treated breakthrough product is affordably priced… at only $145.00 MSRP for each complete QuickSilver GOLD Contact Enhancing Kit… representing a truly electrifying and shocking value for all Audio and Video enthusiasts worldwide! In fact, several customers and Beta Testers have said that treating their Audio & Video components with QuickSilver GOLD resulted in GREATER IMPROVEMENTS than those obtained by spending over $4,000 in Power Conditioner and Power Cable upgrades... or $3,000 in Phono Cartridge upgrades!!!

Beta Testers and Customers are saying that QuickSilver GOLD is the "Cadillac" of Audio & Video Contact Enhancers. One told me that QuickSilver GOLD is actually the XTREMELY HIGH PERFOMANCE 1001 HP 253 MPH BUGATTI VEYRON of Audio & Video Contact Enhancers... the standard by which ALL competing products will be judged... only to be left in the dust!!! Automobile Lovers... be sure to check out the above Bugatti link and photos!!!

Audio Benefitts
In Audio, QuickSilver GOLD allows your electronic components to function at their full potential. The increase in RESOLUTION and the LOWER NOISE FLOOR allows the musical presentation to become more NATURAL and relaxed… warmer and fuller… more transparent… open and airier… more dynamic and live sounding… clearer but with less glare or edginess its just simply more emotionally involving and musical!

The high frequencies will become more extended… without over-brightness that can lead to listener fatigue. The midrange will be more transparent, sweeter and just blossom… with increased resolution that will allow the listener to hear the previously missing textures of your favorite vocalists. The bass will become more extended and controlled… and pack that dynamic punch.

And the soundstage will become significantly more OPEN, 3-Dimensional and holographic… with a huge increase in soundstage height, width and depth (front to back image layering)! And at the same time, images will become more separated and defined on the stage… and take on their own 3-Dimensional space and sense of air. Beta Testers are amazed at how TRANSPARENT their system becomes... as their Speakers totally disappear! You can now Remove the veil… Feel the Energy… Experience the Emotion in Music… and Be There …as if you were at the live event... in the comfort of home!!!


Video Benefits
With Video and Home Theater systems, the sound improvement will be matched by equally dramatic improvements in video picture quality. Most all users notice an improvement in overall realism and picture quality. Video images will be more brilliant and vibrant…cleaner, clearer and sharper! The overall contrast will improve… with blacks becoming blacker… and whites becoming whiter! And best of all… you will get a better sense of realism… as images take on a more natural 3-Dimensional… holographic quality. When HDTV systems are treated... HDTV now becomes Super-HDTV!!! QuickSilver GOLD's performance enhancing capabilities are that dramatic!!!

In fact, the overwhelming majority of users need to adjust their display’s color and sharpness levels down a few notches! And all users agree that analog Cable or Satellite TV images now appear to be much closer to DVD quality… and amazingly more 3-Dimesional! And digital playback such as DVD, digital Cable, digital Satellite and HDTV images on HDTV compatible Projection, Plasma or LCD displays become extraordinarily holographic and life-like! You can now see quality differences in the production cameras lenses and focal depth!

"Brian, You have an incredible product in QuickSilver Gold. Your website talks about surface finish analysis and micro-arcing noise reduction which makes perfect sense. So when I applied it to all of my plugs and connectors I was expecting a change. But what I got was a total transformation. WOW!!! The improvement in realism is simply startling. Brian, I've been an audiophile for 25 years, from Harold Beveridge to Jeff Rowland, with countless changes in between. Without a doubt your jar of QuickSilver Gold is the single biggest improvement I've made in my system. All I can say is THANK YOU for such a great product!"
Terry C. · Dana Point · CA

Guaranteed Performance
In Summary, our NEW QuickSilver GOLD can be used according to our QuickSilver & QuickSilver GOLD Application Instructions on any Audio or Video Contacts, allowing you to Transform Your System and Electrify Your Audio and Video Experience. With our breakthrough, cryogenically treated QuickSilver GOLD Contact Enhancer… performance enhancements over no treatment are simply amazing and must be seen and heard to be believed! And its 100% money-back GUARANTEED to outperform ALL COMPETING PRODUCTS... including our own QuickSilver!!!

Maximum Audio and Video performance is achieved when QuickSilver GOLD is used on the following electrical connections:

Audio Interconnects (Analog & Digital) Video Composite or Component Interconnects S-VHS Cables Video Coaxial Cables HDMI, DVI or SDI Digital Cables (Xtremely Challenging) Speaker Cables AC Power Cables AC Electronic Component IEC Inlet House Wiring AC Receptacle Connections Electronic Component Fuses Tube Pins Home Theater Installations Car Audio Installations

"Brian, The QuickSilver GOLD takes my system to a whole new level. We're just outside the gates of heaven here... vast soundstage... deeper, wider and taller... totally 3-Dimensional! You are not looking at a diorama... you're in it.

Midrange and high frequency detail is astonishing. Cymbal crashes decay forever in a cloud of gold dust filtering down around you. Ambient space is more realistic. Harmonic texture in the bass is overwhelming and gives more pitch differentiation and spatial cues. Dynamics, leading edge sounds and sibilance all benefit from the freedom from hash or noise that is just no longer there. Female vocals are deluxe and delicious!

The quantifiable improvement of the QuickSilver GOLD was more than what I got after adding $4,100 worth of power cables and a power conditioner to my system! ... a GREAT DEAL!!!"
Tom K. · Auburn · WA

QuickSilver GOLD Contact Enhancer Kit Contents & Packaging

The QuickSilver GOLD Audio and Video Consumers Kit is conveniently packaged in an attractive, user-friendly, Gold hot stamped, black polypropylene box that can be easily transported during the application process.

QuickSilver GOLD 4.5 Kit Contents:

1 4.5-gram Jar of QuickSilver GOLD Contact Enhancer (enough for 7 - 10 systems)

1 Deoxit Contact Cleaner (2cc tube)

1 Retractable Brush (for easy mess-free QuickSilver Paste Application)

10 Double-Ended Cotton Contact Cleaning Swabs

1 QuickSilver GOLD Mixing Spatula

1 Oxygen Absorber Packet (to extend the shelf life)

1 – QuickSilver & QuickSilver GOLD Application Instructions 

QuickSilver GOLD 4.5/2.5 Audio & Video Contact Enhancer Pricing

QuickSilver GOLD Contact Enhancer 4.5 Kit MSRP:  $250.00

QuickSilver GOLD Contact Enhancer 2.5 Kit MSRP:

 ONLY $145.00!!! · Same advanced formulation!!!

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"Hi Brian, The Quicksilver Gold is incredible. As good as the Quicksilver was, this is at least twice as good. I was extremely impressed how quickly I could tell the difference and it just kept getting better and better. Better detail, clarity, more presence without any hardness at all. It just blew me away. It's like a new system. Anybody who loves music or has a nice surround system would be thrilled with Quicksilver Gold's improvements. I highly recommend it. Thanks Brian for all the work you put into this product."
Jeff N. · Apex · NC

To Learn More or to Purchase QuickSilver GOLD or QuickSilver...

To learn more about our exclusive… breakthrough… next generation… cryogenically treated QuickSilver GOLD or QuickSilver Audio and Video Contact Enhancers… including additional Testimonials, Application Instructions, QuickSilver Kit Contents and Pricing… or to purchase QuickSilver GOLD or QuickSilver... please visit our website:


NEW!!! Xtreme AV QuickSilver GOLD REVIEW!!!

« Click Here to Read all QuickSilver & QuickSilver GOLD User Testimonials »

Keep in mind that both QuickSilver & QuickSilver GOLD come with a full 30-Day money-back satisfaction GUARANTEE, less shipping and handling charges, but rest assured that QuickSilver delivers as promised... as we have only received positive feedback from QuickSilver users/customers... with NOT ONE complaint! And NOT A SINGLE CUSTOMER has taken us up on our QuickSilver or QuickSilver GOLD money-back GUARANTEE and requested a refund!!!

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We either Manufacturer or are Authorized Dealers for the following reference quality manufacturers... and can get any product they offer:

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A Message from the Inventor…

Why QuickSilver GOLD or QuickSilver??? If you own an inexpensive Audio System… or even just a plain old non-HDTV TV… QuickSilver GOLD and QuickSilver is GUARANTEED to take your systems' performance to the Xtreme!

And if you own more expensive Audio or Home Theater components… QuickSilver GOLD or QuickSilver is an absolute necessity… allowing your equipments full potential to be realized! HDTV now becomes Super-HDTV!!!

I know there may be many skeptics out there… who have tried many different Audio performance enhancing tweaks that have claimed to be able to "transform" one's audio system… only to be disappointed. I know, because I also have tried many of these "tweaks" with bold claims. All I can say is that if you are serious about your Audio and Video… you owe it to yourself to try QuickSilver. While the performance enhancements sound almost "too good to be true"… QuickSilver GOLD and QuickSilver is GUARANTEED to deliver! To date... we have yet to have one single customer take us up on our 30-Day Money-back GUARANTEE!!!

In fact, in all my years in high performance Audio and Video… I have NEVER found such an inexpensive product like our NEW "breakthrough" QuickSilver GOLD (or even our $89.00 QuickSilver) that can make such a significant and dramatic improvement in ones Audio or Home Theater System. Period.

In Audio Applications... QuickSilver GOLD takes the following Audio reproduction qualities to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL!!!

Micro-detail Resolution Quietness & Black Backgrounds Dynamics Low-level Information Retrieval Soundstage Height, Width & Depth 3-Dimensionality & Air Image Layering and Separation Transparency Naturalness Musicality

In Video Applications... expect to see DRAMATIC improvements in:

Clarity Sharpness Image Focus Detail Resolution Contrast Color Vibrancy 3-Dimensionality · Amazing!!!

Seeing and hearing is believing… and both QuickSilver GOLD & QuickSilver are GUARANTEED TO PERFORM!!!


Brian Kyle
President & CEO · Inventor

Xtreme Cables & Xtreme AV

Dana Point, CA

Email Brian Kyle

(949) 488-7662

NEW PRICING NOTE: As a result of the dramatic price increase in precious metals... on 1/01/2011 we were forced to raise the MSRP of QuickSilver to $109.00... and QuickSilver GOLD 4.5 to $250.00. . Even with the necessary price increase... QuickSilver and QuickSilver GOLD are still one of the best price to performance values in audio and video today!!! And once the economy recovers some more and the Gold investor frenzy subsides... Xtreme AV is committed to lowering the price of both QSG 4.5 and QSG 2.5 depending upon future Gold spot metal prices!

INTRODUCING A NEW MORE AFFORDABLE SMALLER SIZE... QSG 2.5!!! Our "breakthrough" QuickSilver Gold Audio & Video Contact Enhancer is now available in a smaller 2.5g size... appropriately named QSG 2.5... priced at only $145.00... more than enough to treat several audio and/or video systems!!! Same advanced formulation as our highly regarded QuickSilver GOLD 4.5. And it's GUARANTEED to take your Audio or Home Theater system to the next level!!!

And if you want the BEST contact enhancer available today... we recommend that you "GO FOR THE GOLD"!!! QuickSilver GOLD is GUARANTEED to be the BEST and BEST VALUE contact enhancer on the market today... Period. Just see what our customers are saying.

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NEW "Breakthrough"  Liquid Resolution CD · DVD · HD-DVD Cleaner & Enhancer
Bests all the Competition!!!

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« Click Here for Liquid Resolution User Testimonials PDF Document »

NEW TESTIMONIALS: "Hi Brian: Thanks for being first to receive the new Xtreme AV Xionic Tourmo Gun. This product was an ear opening experience from the very first CD I treated. From the first note, I heard much more resolution and air between individual vocals and instruments. I tried 5 more CDs with the same outstanding results! Much more detail retrieval from the disc without any digital glare at all - ALL very analog sounding. The more I listened to the treated CDs, it was as if I was listening to the performance for the very first time! The differences are not subtle. There was better timing and pace to the music, and the soundstage grew a foot or more in depth from front to back. I know there is a money back guarantee, but I'm happy to keep the Gun. I can't listen to my CDs without it! A Five Star WOW factor!!!"
Randy Nelson · Spooner, WI

"Brian: I have tried various CD/DVD tweaking accessories in the past and I was not fully impressed with any of them. I was very skeptical at first to try the LR/RD3/RIO5 Combo (Liquid Resolution/Acoustic Revive RD-3 Disc Demagnetizer/Acoustic Revive RIO-5 Negative Ion Generator), so I purchased each product separately. Finding out later by using the LR/RD3/RIO5 as a combination, they together definitely made a dramatic improvement on my CD/DVD collection.

It was just not a subtle difference but a remarkably substantial difference with no negative side-effects of any kind. The before and after treatment was like comparing apples to oranges. Each one of these accessories does a different improvement on my same CD/DVD. Even on Blu-Ray movies one could easily see and hear a remarkably, dramatic difference. Working together they made my CDs sound now alive and my DVDs lets say the colors were amazingly more vibrant and the movies looked more 3-dimensional. Everything on my CDs opened up (more body, larger soundstage, more dynamic, inner details reveal, more texture, etc.)… in other words, instead of everything before sounding thin everything now just sounds more alive and realistic!

BTW: I am using all high-end solid-state components in my audio system. After applying the combination LR/RD3/RIO5 treatment to my CDs, the sound coming out of my solid-state equipment sounded warmer, sweeter, more liquidity and more musical. The LR/RD3/RIO5 took away the digital hash-like sound (which is typical for digital equipment to have)… making my system sound much more analog (tube-like) with no trade-off. To sum this up, I would not put another CD/DVD in my player without first treating it with this combo. This really will amazingly enhance any CD/DVD. Definitely worth the investment!!!"
William C. · Vancouver, BC · Canada

"Brian: It has been one week since I received your LR/RD3/RIO5 Combo (Liquid Resolution/Acoustic Revive RD-3 Disc Demagnetizer/Acoustic Revive RIO-5 Negative Ion Generator), and I must tell you that your testimonials are consistent with my own experience. The greatest change in my system, as I am sure as with others, was the reproduction of more realistic musical soundstage and more realistic air, attack and decay of notes from the instruments and voices in that soundstage. And on DVDs, a much richer and more colorful video experience was reproduced by treating the discs.

Each stage of treatment enhances the previous, and in my view, this is a much more practical and economical way to improve the quality of sound and visual reproduction from one's system than upgrading to a more expensive digital source player. Ultimately, your customers can't lose with your money back guarantee."
Manjeet M. · Victoria, BC · Canada

"Brian: I have always enjoyed the opportunity to tweek my system and try out new products. Only a few are so effective that the difference takes only a short time to be obvious, and remains so. The LR/RD3/RIO5 combination is one of these that falls into this special category.

The music becomes much more dynamic (at both macro and micro level). There is an increase in the evident harmonic structure of the music, making listening that much more pleasurable; the bass becomes much tighter and the soundstage is enhanced. And the result is that listening is more a joy and much more relaxing than before. It is appears more 'natural' and musical, and the gap between the listener and the music feels so much less. There is a sense of greater involvement."
Abie K. · Caulfield, Australia

“Brian: I thought the QuickSilver was the ultimate in improvement for the dollar on both audio and video systems compared to other contact enhancers available as well as most tweaks out there in general. When I received the Quicksilver Gold from you last month it was a jaw dropper. Used on audio systems, the resolution of the system becomes outstanding without losing a natural organic quality. Macro and micro dynamics are superb. The timbre of instruments and voices is eerie during late night listening sessions. Overall, it makes for a lot more emotionally involving listening experience.

On video applications the improvement in resolution, detail, and naturalness of colour is hard to believe. Screen images become more natural and life like, giving the sense of being there on a good plasma or LCD HDTV. The Quicksilver Gold is an outright gift to both the audiophile and video enthusiast. I can hardly wait for you to introduce your next break through product.”
Wayne S. · Clear Audio Consultants · Victoria, B.C.

“I want to begin my perspective of the two products (QuickSilver Gold and Liquid Resolution) by saying that I have never believed in trying tweaks in my 35 years in audio. Especially tweaks that meant applying some type of fluid or paste to my precious CDs or expensive gear that you put hard-earned dollars into.

It all began one evening while perusing the Audiogon website when Brian’s advertisement for QuickSilver Gold caught my attention. I was very impressed with the professional presentation of Brian’s QuickSilver Website and the scientific backing of the products. Contrary to what I would normally do, I purchased a vial of QuickSilver Gold.

This turned out to be one of the most profound decisions in my high-end audio career that literally catapulted me towards my ultimate goal of extreme transparency and smoothness, uncannily three dimensional sound staging with a vacuum like separation between the instruments, increased dynamics and a lowered noise floor. Mind you, my sound system was already superb as far as I was concerned. I applied the QuickSilver Gold to all of the interconnects, speaker cables, AC cords and fuses… all to good effect with continuous incremental improvements every step of the way.

For those of you suffering from “audiophilia nervosa” and continuously trading your audio gear in search of the holy grail of sound, the Quicksilver Gold is the antidote. You will never hear what your system really sounds like until you try this product. My hats off to you Brian… this is a real winner!

Several months later I receive a frenetic phone call. It was Brian on the phone raving about a breakthrough product for CDs that is just as good as the Quicksilver Gold. As a courtesy, I patiently listened on the phone as Brian insisted that he rush a bottle of this Miracle fluid to me. The next day I received the product. My audiophile friend and I were extremely skeptical about CD treatments and hearing any improvement that was marginal or a product of your imagination, almost to the point that we didn't even try it (we were in the middle of building a computer and didn't have much time). Out of respect for Brian since his other product was so spectacular, I insisted that we try his new spray product on the CDs anyway.

We sat down in the listening room and put on a favorite and familiar CD. We were both in agreement that the sound was pretty fabulous in this fully QuickSilvered system and could not imagine any further improvement. Per Brian's suggestion I treated the CD and pushed the play button. After five minutes of listening and picking our jaws up off of the floor we stared at each other literally stupefied by what we had just heard… or a better term would be experienced. The level of improvement brought on by treating the CD with this special fluid was almost just as profound as the Quicksilver Gold treatment of my whole system! Also, the beautiful thing is that you can hear this stunning improvement in resolution, smoothness, soundstaging, etc. on any CD playback device be it home theater, car stereo, boom box and of course, your two channel high end system.

This special fluid later came to be known as Liquid Resolution.

As a point of interest, my system consists of the following components:

Spectral DMA 360 Monoblock Amplifiers
Spectral DMC 30SL Preamplifier
Wadia 861SE CD Player with the Great Northern Sound Modification
Avalon Eidolon Loudspeakers
MIT Oracle Prism Speaker Cables
MIT Oracle V2.1 and V3.1 Single Ended Interconnects
Extensive Power Conditioning by PS Audio and Richard Gray
Billy Bags Equipment Rack
Solid Steel Amp Stands
Still Points with Risers under all Equipment
ERS Treatment throughout (with ERS sheets)
Two Dedicated AC Circuits
Dedicated listening room currently being acoustically treated by Rives Audio
Philip T · Roseville, CA

Hi Brian. I thought I send you some feedback on the QuickSilver GOLD (QSG).

I am very, very impressed. I will start with a really stunning example: I applied QSG to the component outputs and analog audio outs of my Panasonic S77 DVD player, which also has HDMI 1080i up conversion and pro-scan by Faroudja. When switching between 480i component and 720p and 1080i, the 480i treated with QSG is the more pleasing picture, even my wife commented on the video, which for most people is a good indication of something out of the ordinary!

I also treated my HD DVD player, with equally impressive results. The biggest, most amazing improvement I saw was with my laser disc player, which I probably use more than any other component. I treated the composite output and audio outputs and the difference was almost jaw -dropping. The sound was noticeably "bigger" and the picture had a almost 3-D quality to it, while retaining the film-like picture that I like about laser discs.

Needless to say, I'm very happy. Thanks.
Dan M. · Toronto, Ontario Canada

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