YamahaCR-1020Yamaha CR-1020 Original OwnerGreat Receiver - Original Owner Basics The 240-volt Yamaha "Natural Sound" CR-1020 offers AM/FM receiving with gauges on tuning, signal and speaker strength. It has a four-gang tuning capacitor...187.00

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Great Receiver - Original Owner Basics The 240-volt Yamaha "Natural Sound" CR-1020 offers AM/FM receiving with gauges on tuning, signal and speaker strength. It has a four-gang tuning capacitor with Dolby switch. An OTS internal tuning system can be used manually or automatically. The receiver can direct recording from several areas in your system---the tuner, a phonograph, a tape deck, an auxiliary device like a CD player and even instruments for live taping. Specifications In addition to two jacks for intimate headphone listening with a partner, the 1020 can be fed to three pairs of speakers for more bombastic affairs, able to handle 520 watts of power. FM reception is a noted improvement over the company's earlier models with strong stereo signals. And there's plenty of RF input space on the back (for two tape decks, a CD player, a record player, a television and more). It's not digital, using gauges to indicate strength levels. But it has full audio tuning and signal acquisition capability, from switches for high and low filters to full tone adjustments and loudness control. Considerations The Yamaha 1020's internal tuner is highly rated---for its day and today---at 75 watts per channel for 8 ohms, 90 watts for 4 ohms. Its back-lit needle displays make signal acquisition more intuitive, and an FM blend button often helps to clarify a signal after it's been chosen for listening. The 1020 also includes FM muting and full audio muting, useful for some types of recording. PRE/MAIN section Minimum RMS output : 2x 80W (4 Ohm, 20...20Khz) 2x 70W (8 Ohm, 20...20Khz) Continuous RMS power : 2x 90W (4 Ohm) Both channels driven (1Khz) : 2x 75W (8 Ohm) Power bandwidth (IHF) : 10Hz...50Khz (at 0,05% THD) Damping factor (1Khz) : 40 (8 Ohm) THD (phono to Rec Out) : 0,01% (7,5V output) THD (Aux, Tape to SP out) : 0,02% @ 35W THD (Main In to SP Out) : 0,015% @ 35W IM distortion : 0,05% @ 70W Input sensitivity : 2mV / 47kOhm (Phono MM) 120mV / 45kOhm (Aux, Tape 1&2) 775mV / 100kOhm (Main In terminals) Maximum input levels : 230mV (1Khz, Phono MM) Output level (Rec Out, Phono) : 120mV / 500 Ohm (rated) 15V (max, 1Khz) Output level (Pre Out (rated) : 775mV / 750 Ohm 5V max. Frequency response : ± 0,2dB RIAA 10Hz...100Khz (Aux, Tape 1&2 to SP out, ± 2,5dB) 10Hz...100Khz (Main In to SP out, ± 2,5dB) Bass turnover frequency : 350Hz Bass boost/cut : ± 15dB at 50Hz Treble turnover frequency : 3,5Khz Treble boost/cut : ± 10dB at 20Khz Presence boost/cut : ± 6dB at 6Khz Filters : low: 15 or 70Hz (12dB/oct.) high: 8 or 12Khz (12dB/oct.) Loudness : level-related equalization S/N ratio (IHF-A) : 95dB (Phono MM / 10mV / shorted) 100dB (Aux, Tape 1&2 / 5,1kOhm / shorted) 112dB (Main / 5,1kOhm / shorted) NDCR (IHF-A) : for 0,1% into 8Ohm 20Hz to 20Khz from 100mW to 70W (Vol -20dB, Phono to SP Out) Meter range : 100mW to 200W into 8Ohm FM section Tuning range : 88 to 108MHz Usable sensitivity (300 Ohm) : 10,3dBf (1,8µV) Usable sensitivity (75 Ohm) : 10,3dBf (0,9µV) 50dB quieting sensitivity (Mono) : 15,3dBf (3,2µV) 50dB quieting sensitivity (Mono) : 37,2dBf (40µV) Alternate channel selectivity : 80dB (IHF) Image response ratio (98MHz) : 85dB IF response ratio (98MHZ) : 90dB Spurious response ratio (98MHz) : 100dB AM suppression (IHF) : 65dB Capture ratio : 1,0dB S/N ratio (65dBf, IHF) : 77dB (mono) 73dB (stereo) Distortion (mono, 65dBf) : 0,08% (100Hz) 0,08% (1Khz) 0,15% (6Khz) Distortion (stereo, 65dBf) : 0,15% (100Hz) 0,1% (1Khz) 0,2% (6Khz) Intermodulation distortion (IHF) : 0,05% (mono) 0,01% (stereo) Sub-carrier product ratio : 60dB Stereo separation : 35dB (50Hz) 50dB (1Khz) 45dB (10Khz) Frequency response : ± 0,3dB (50Hz to 10Khz) ± 0,5dB (30Hz to 15Khz) +0,5 / -3dB (10Hz to 18Khz) Muting threshold : 14,8dbF / 3µV 34,8dbF / 30µV General Semiconductors : 109 transistors 4 ICs 3 FETs 58 diodes 7 Zener diodes 5 LEDs 4 ceramic filters PS : multivoltage (EU & JP models only) PC : 320W (360W, Canada ; 460VA) Dimensions : 54 x 16,7 x 41,5mm Weight : 18,8kg. Features » logical chassis layout » Mylar film capacitors & metallic film resistors in the RIAA EQ section » Continuously variable loudness contour » Linear differential gain IF stage » 4-gang tuning capacitor with dual-gate MOS-FETs » MPX section included into NFB loop » Multi-function FM/AM/Signal/Multipath/Power meters » High-Blend switch (FM) » DOLBY adapter switch » Automatic or Manual OTS tuning system » 2x Headphone jacks for Yamaha Orthodynamic and/or normal 'phones
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