Z SystemsRDP-1 digital Eq Price DropAUDIO VIDEO LOGIC.............. ALWAYS WORTH THE DRIVE!CELEBRATING OUR 20TH ANNIVERSARY in specialty retailing.The Z Systems RDP-1 was Stereophile magazines digital product of the year back in the ...1499.00

Z Systems RDP-1 digital Eq Price Drop with remote [Expired]

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CELEBRATING OUR 20TH ANNIVERSARY in specialty retailing.

The Z Systems RDP-1 was Stereophile magazines digital product of the year back in the late 1990's. It is a digital preamplifier and equalizer all in one and can drive power amplifiers directly without the need for an additional preamplifier and it's attendant cost and sonic degradation. It even has a balance control! We have a used sample that came in on trade in silver finish that still sounds and looks great. Remote included.

The RDP-1 features six bands (filters) of equalization done entirely in the digital domain for a totally transparent sound. Four of the filters are parametric and independently adjustable across the 25hz-20khz range with changeable boost/cut and bandwidth (Q or slope) parameters. Once your systems response has been smoothed with the above filters*, the remaining two filters act like sophisticated tone controls with both adjustable gain and turnover frequency to compensate for poor recordings. *There is no automated EQ correction included with the RDP-1. An outboard RTA and or laptop with RTA software and microphone is needed to make accurate frequency response measurements and corrections.

The RDP-1 accepts digital sources only and has no internal DAC's, so you must have an outboard digital to analog convertor for it to work. It has five inputs including AES/EBU, Toslink, and coax and matching digital outputs.

No original packing but we can safely pack this unit for
shipment via UPS.

UPS ground shipping is $25 to lower 48 states.

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