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ItemPrice/AskingTime Left
Takatsuki TA-300B Nearly new pair. Considered to be best 300B by many.+ Quick View
$1,190.0030 Days
$499.9930 Days
Telefunken E88CC / 6922 Cryo Treated, Platinum Grade Matched Pair
$340.0028 Days
Emission Labs 520B-V3 Tubes (Pair)+ Quick View
$875.0028 Days
NOS CBS 5814A Matching Pair Quad Black Plate D getter 12AU7 ECC82 ECC802S+ Quick View
$110.0027 Days
Amperex ECC88 6DJ8 hewlett-packard tubes true matched quad
$125.0027 Days
$95.0027 Days
$195.0027 Days
Siemens ECC 88 Simply The Best+ Quick View
$65.0026 Days
Psvane WE 211 Western Electric Replica Tubes+ Quick View
$525.0025 Days
Emission Labs PX-4 Mesh+ Quick View
$893.0018 Days
Shuguang 845b 845b quad of tubes. 400 hours of use
$275.0016 Days
Amperex 6DJ8 Bugle boy D- Getters Matched pair, test NEW!!! Same Date code!!!+ Quick View
$185.0016 Days
GE 6SN7GTB 6SN7 ECC33 Tubes, Matched Quad, Test NOS
$120.0011 Days
RCA 6SN7GT ECC33 6SN7 Tubes, Matched Quad, NOS Testing, 1950's
$130.0011 Days
RCA 5687 Bronze Plate Tubes, Matched Pair, Tested, NOS, NIB
$65.0011 Days
Sylvania 6189 12AU7 ECC82 Mil-Spec Tubes, Matched Quad, Tested, NOS, NIB
$85.0011 Days
Svetlana Tubes KT 88 KT88 Matched Octet St. Petersburg, Russia
$400.0011 Days
Sophia Electric
$200.0010 Days
$499.999 Days
SED Tubes Winged "C" 6L6GC+ Quick View
$800.008 Days
Emission Labs 45 Mesh vacuum tubes+ Quick View
$693.008 Days
Tung-Sol 6550+ Quick View
$320.007 Days
Matched Quad, NOS, 1951 Visseaux 6V6GT+ Quick View
$650.006 Days
$139.955 Days
Emission Labs 300B pair in excellent condition
$695.004 Days
Sylvania JAN-CHS-6SN7W Matching pair+ Quick View
$180.003 Days
Mullard 12AX7/ECC83 long plate, square getter+ Quick View
$245.003h 49m 19s
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