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Shuguang KT88-98 QUAD, like new!
$99.0015 Days
Sylvania JAN CHS 6SN7GT 3 holes plate Matching pair+ Quick View
$250.0029 Days
Assorted Used Tubes Svetlana, RCA, ETC Please read ad carefully+ Quick View
$125.0029 Days
$129.9928 Days
2 tightly matched medical red tip diamond bottom Telefunken smooth plate 12ax7 tubes
$149.9928 Days
2 new tightly matched 1961 medical red tip mullard 12ax7a / 12ax7 tubes
$199.9928 Days
2 very nice telefunken diamond bottom rib plate 12ax7 tubes
$149.9928 Days
$199.9928 Days
3 excellent sounding original diamond botton fisher rib plate Telefunken 12ax7 tubes
$159.9928 Days
2 rare super low noise medical red tip 1967 amperex Holland 7025 / 12ax7 tubes
$279.9927 Days
2 new 1959 long plate 2 supported O getter mullard 12ax7 tubes
$299.9927 Days
2 rare new matched medical red tip quiet amperex bugle boy 12ax7 tubes
$269.9927 Days
2 mint new in the box vintage 3 hole tungsol 6550 tubes
$349.9927 Days
2 new matched mil spec sylvania 3 mica black plate 5751 / 12ax7 tubes
$219.9927 Days
2 new in the box premium amperex gold pin 6922 tubes
$169.9927 Days
2 new in the box 10000 hour rca command series 5751 / 12ax7 tubes
$149.9927 Days
1 excellent blackburn mullard gz34/ 5ar4 tube
$119.9927 Days
Amperex ECC88 6DJ8 hewlett-packard tubes true matched pair
$50.0026 Days
Takatsuki TA-274B single tube
$605.0026 Days
McIntosh SCR-2 Speaker Control Relay
$125.0023 Days
Philips Miniwatt GZ34
$250.0023 Days
AMPEREX HOLLAND 12ax7 7025 ECC83 test NOS matched tube pair
$80.0022 Days
$80.0022 Days
Bocchino Audio FM31 W7 Speaker Spade Connector
$480.0022 Days
Musical Fidelity X-10D with X-PSU
$300.0021 Days
Walker Audio High Definition Links
$290.0021 Days
$167.4720 Days
$899.0019 Days
$599.0019 Days
McIntosh MC275 Matched Tube Set; Upgrade Package(10639)+ Quick View
$419.0016 Days
Genelex Gold lion KT-88 original
$525.0015 Days
Match Pair Western Electric 300B Reduce $1950
$1,950.0013 Days
$249.9512 Days
Emission Labs 520B-V3 Tubes (Pair)+ Quick View
$875.0010 Days
Sylvania NOS 6SN7GTB Chrome Top+ Quick View
$50.0010 Days
Telefunken E88CC / 6922
$390.008 Days
Emission Labs 20A Mesh Plate
$575.007 Days
RCA USN CRC 5R4GY Rectifier Tube+ Quick View
$50.007 Days
Mullard ECC 88 Fantastic Tubes+ Quick View
$40.006 Days
Siemens, Telefunken, Golden Dragon, Phillips, ... 6DJ8/EC88/6922 ECC/83, 12AT7, 12BH7
$1,600.004 Days
Amperex 6DJ8 ECC88 NOS + A total of 6 tubes.+ Quick View
$129.003 Days
Western Electric 300B
$4,750.001 Days
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