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REL Acoustics S5/SHO Subwoofer, Piano Black
$1,750.0030 Days
Velodyne HGS-15
$500.0030 Days
Sunfire True Sub Sig Powered Subwoofer+ Quick View
$549.9530 Days
$1,695.0030 Days
B&W (Bowers & Wilkins) ASW-700
B&W (Bowers & Wilkins) ASW-700 Subwoofer ASW700 Cherry Wood Veneer Finish
$595.0030 Days
JL Audio E-112+ Quick View
$1,250.0029 Days
Revel Concerta B-120 with Wireless Option+ Quick View
$475.0029 Days
Totem Acoustic Storm Subwoofer Excellent Condition (Mahogany)+ Quick View
$750.0028 Days
Zu Audio Submission Subwoofer
Zu Audio Submission Subwoofer Custom black leather wrapped Submission Subwoofer+ Quick View
$2,850.0028 Days
Swans Speaker Systems Sub 15B DEALER COST SPECIAL!!!!
$1,799.0028 Days
Revel Performa B-15 Subwoofer+ Quick View
$1,500.0027 Days
Bag End Loudspeakers Infra Sub 18 400 watt powered home theater Subwoofer.
$350.0027 Days
REL Acoustics Gibralter Sub Bass System+ Quick View
$2,595.0026 Days
Velodyne VA-1012
$195.0026 Days
REL Acoustics Q-108 MkII
$225.0026 Days
JL Audio E-112
$1,699.0026 Days
$4,998.8826 Days
Wilson Audio Thor's Hammer+ Quick View
$13,500.0026 Days
JL Audio Fathom F113 13.5-inch Powered Subwoofer, Satin Black (11321)+ Quick View
$2,526.0025 Days
Totem Tribe Totem Tribe In-Wall Powered Subwoofer & Amp (New) (10395)+ Quick View
$1,467.0025 Days
JL Audio Fathom 113 V2 **Trade-in**+ Quick View
$3,499.0025 Days
Sumiko S.0 subwoofer in Black Gloss, New-in-Box+ Quick View
$299.0025 Days
Sumiko S.10
Sumiko S.10 Subwoofer, Piano Black, New-In-Box+ Quick View
$1,299.0025 Days
Sumiko WTX Wireless Transmitter for Sumiko Subwoofers, New-in-Box+ Quick View
$99.0025 Days
Sumiko WRX Wireless Receiver for Sumiko Subwoofers, New-in-Box+ Quick View
$99.0025 Days
REL Acoustics S/3 pair available+ Quick View
$1,200.0025 Days
Paradigm Sub 15 Brand new - Closeout -Authorized Dealer+ Quick View
$2,199.9925 Days
Velodyne DD-10 Digital Drive SubWoofer+ Quick View
$950.0025 Days
$750.0024 Days
Hsu Research HRSW-12v Subwoofer and Amplifier
$425.0023 Days
Elac Debut S10 subwoofer, black+ Quick View
$250.0023 Days
SB Acoustics 12" SB34SWNRX-S75-6 Pair New Subwoofers 12"
$250.0023 Days
PSB Subsonic 10 Powered Subwoofer Wood Panels+ Quick View
$1,095.0022 Days
Velodyne FSR-12 Servo-controlled Powered Subwoofer (no remote) (11733)+ Quick View
$314.0022 Days
Thiel Audio SS-1 Solid, smooth bass for Thiel spkrs+ Quick View
$1,330.0022 Days
Seaton Sound F18+ Black Maple Subwoofer
$2,000.0022 Days
B&W ASW675 Powered Subwoofer; Bowers & Wilkins ASW-675 (11695)+ Quick View
$629.0021 Days
JL Audio CR-1 crossover
$2,200.0021 Days
Sumiko S.5
Sumiko S.5 Subwoofer in Gloss Black, New-in-Box+ Quick View
$499.0021 Days
Sunny Cable Technology SW12 12 inch Passive Subwoofer (3059)+ Quick View
$1,310.0021 Days
Triad Inroom Gold PowerSub Subwoofer(10369)+ Quick View
$569.0021 Days
Infinity Intermezzo 1.2s Subwoofer (10119)+ Quick View
$504.0021 Days
Sumiko S.9 Subwoofer; Gloss Black (Sonus Faber) (11109)+ Quick View
$524.0021 Days
Sumiko S.9
Sumiko S.9 Subwoofer, New-in-Box+ Quick View
$799.0021 Days
Velodyne VLF-1012
$500.0019 Days
Stirling AB-2 Bass Extender for LS3/5a Speakers; Tiger Ebony Pair (3035)+ Quick View
$1,019.0018 Days
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