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Wilson Audio Watch Dog Superb, self powered sub in black+ Quick View
$3,790.0030 Days
M&K V-125 Excellent shape and working as it should.+ Quick View
$150.0030 Days
B&W (Bowers & Wilkins) 800-ASW
$150.0029 Days
Lyngdorf Audio BW-1 Subwoofer+ Quick View
$400.0029 Days
Velodyne SPL-1200 mkII
$350.0029 Days
Velodyne HGS-12 Subwoofer+ Quick View
$525.0028 Days
GoldenEar Technology Force Field 3 Subwoofer+ Quick View
$375.0028 Days
KEF PSW-2150 Subwoofer+ Quick View
$225.0028 Days
Thiel Audio SS-1 Thiel Smart Sub+ Quick View
$1,350.0028 Days
SVS SB16 Ultra Black Gloss Finish NEW Unopened. (PAIR)
$3,200.0027 Days
$350.0027 Days
Sunfire SRS-210r SubRosa Inc. amp/wall bracket+ Quick View
$975.0027 Days
Martin Logan Balanced Force 212
$2,995.0027 Days
Sunny Cable Technology SW12 12 inch Passive Subwoofer (3059)+ Quick View
$1,580.0026 Days
Totem Acoustic Thunder Subwoofer
$800.004 Days
Infinity Intermezzo 1.2s Powered Subwoofer; Cherry (10118)+ Quick View
$599.0026 Days
Totem Acoustic Tribe Sub Fire (red) finish (L@@K)+ Quick View
$2,350.0026 Days
JL Audio Fathom 112 version 1 pair available gloss black+ Quick View
$1,800.0026 Days
Triad Inroom Gold PowerSub Subwoofer(10369)+ Quick View
$610.0026 Days
Infinity Intermezzo 1.2s Subwoofer (10119)+ Quick View
$599.0026 Days
Sunfire XTEQ 12
$950.0024 Days
James Loudspeaker EMB-10/M1000
$500.0024 Days
*Quad LF-102 Subwoofer; Black Piano; NEW (1104)+ Quick View
$729.0024 Days
Vandersteen Model 2W Powered Subwoofer w/ WX-2 Crossover (10260)+ Quick View
$524.0023 Days
Vandersteen Model 2W Powered Subwoofer w/ WX-2 Crossover(10259)+ Quick View
$524.0023 Days
Polk Audio DSW-Pro 600
Polk Audio DSW MicroPro 1000
$450.0023 Days
Stirling AB-2 Bass Extender for LS3/5a Speakers; Tiger Ebony Pair (3035)+ Quick View
$1,221.0023 Days
$375.0023 Days
AV123 Rocket ULW-10
$495.0023 Days
JL Audio Fathom F113 V1 Black Gloss mint!
$2,100.0022 Days
Speakercraft BassX W10 in-wall subwoofer and external amp
$275.0021 Days
REL Habitat 1 warrenty 1 year Great Compact Sub !+ Quick View
$949.0020 Days
Monitor Audio Radius 380 Sub
$450.0020 Days
JL Audio Dominion D110 Gloss Black - 750 Watt Powered Sub-woofer+ Quick View
$850.0019 Days
REL Acoustics Stadium mkIII Excellent Condition
$1,195.0019 Days
Kharma Exquisite Sub / EXQ-SB-C+ Quick View
$19,000.0019 Days
Revel Performa3 B112
$1,400.0019 Days
Revel Performa B-15a
$749.0018 Days
REL Strata II Powered 10 inch Subwoofer (10589)+ Quick View
$472.0017 Days
REL Acoustics Britannia B1 Powered Subwoofer; Black (10612)+ Quick View
$1,364.0017 Days
JL Audio E-112
$1,725.0016 Days
B&W ASW 750 Powered Subwoofer; Bowers & Wilkins; Rosenut; ASW750 (3255)+ Quick View
$683.0016 Days
Pioneer SW-8MK2 Powered Subwoofer (3241)+ Quick View
$115.0016 Days
$2,899.9915 Days
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