Underwood Hifi Inc.

PS Audio PowerPlay 8500
PS Audio PowerPlay 8500 Internet Controlled lin...
29 Days LeftAC Conditioners
Exogal Comet Plus
Exogal Comet Plus Black Refurbished DAC's
29 Days LeftDA Converters
Black or cherry available
Gallo Acoustics Classico CL-C New LCR speakers-...
29 Days LeftMonitors
Thoebe MKII
Spread Spectrum Technologies Thoebe MKII Remote...
27 Days LeftSolid state
DSPeaker Anti-Mode 2.0 Dual Core Room Correcti...
27 Days LeftEqualizers
Jolida XT-R
Jolida XT-R Crosstalk eliminator for turntables
27 Days LeftPhono
EP2.7 in black Tri-coat
Emerald Physics EP2.7 Closeout on New OB speake...
27 Days LeftFull range
LSA-1 fronts
LSA/Sumiko 5.1ch system Complete HT system Huge...
26 Days LeftFull range
sonaDAC Front shot
Peachtree Audio sonaDAC New DSD DAC w/warranty-...
26 Days LeftDA Converters
Peachtree Audio sonaDAC-Cambridge CXC
Peachtree Audio sonaDAC-Cambridge CXC Excellent...
26 Days LeftCD/SACD Players
Available silver or black
PS Audio BHK Signature mono amplifiers 300 watt...
25 Days LeftTube
Audio Space Reference 2S
Audio Space Reference 2S Exceptional remote tub...
25 Days LeftTube
PS Audio front-Available in black or silver
PS Audio P3 New Power regenerators-Great trade...
25 Days LeftAC Conditioners
Son of Ampzilla MK2 Front shot
Spread Spectrum Technologies Son of Ampzilla MK...
24 Days LeftSolid state
Emerald Physics EP3.7 in Anthracite Tri-coat
Emerald Physics EP3.7 Superb OB Speakers-Underv...
24 Days LeftFull range
Rosewood LSA-1
LSA Model-1 New monitors- Great reviews & 5yr w...
24 Days LeftMonitors
Shown in white but we only stock black
Scansonic M6 Black Demo Column speakers w/Ribbo...
24 Days LeftFull range
PS P10 Black & Silver available
PS Audio P-10 Power Plants-New 70 amp regenera...
22 Days LeftAC Conditioners
Silverline Minuet in Rosewood
Silverline Audio Minuet Supreme Plus Superb Ros...
21 Days LeftMonitors
Acoustic Zen Adagios-All current colors available
Acoustic Zen Adagio New Loudspeakers
21 Days LeftFull range