Day 1 of building my system. I am going for Vintage all the way, all though I know I am going to hit a snag when it comes to speakers.... Hopefully I can find something to keep same structure..

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    • McIntosh MR 78 Tuner
    Great condition, was in the corner of a unused room for at least 15 years. Powers on, will post more as the room evolves
    • McIntosh C 32 Stereo Preamp
    Same stack in the corner
    • McIntosh MC 2205 Power Amp
    • McIntosh XR-5
    Torn Mid Speakers, Will need to upgrade all though i would love to keep the vintage....

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Super cool system.
Consider a C22 !!


VERY NICELY DONE. I LOVE McINTOSH. That’s all I use for past 46 years. Check out My King Arthurs Theatre and My Retirement Theatre..All McIntosh but I had the older stuff and it is magnificent sound. ENJOY😜‼️


Keep it vintage get the speakers reconed it looks great


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