There have been a few changes this year to my system. 

The Bartok was changed out for the MSB discrete with the renderer module. This change yielded a more life like and natural sounding presentation. They also have an incredible upgrade  program. 

We added room treatments from Vicoustics. This was a huge change and upgrade to the overall sound in the room. 

Now the big change was in the front end of the system. We changed out the Krell Duo 300xd to the Classe Delta seperates. The Classe was a nice change more of a side grade but I was really liking what they were doing with the Atria. I was in a place where this was going to be the amp that stayed with me for a while. 

Recently an opportunity presented itself that was too good to not take a shot at. I changed out the Classe pre and stereo with what is for sure the endgame for sure. They were upgraded to the Dan D'Agostino momentum HD pre and M400 mono amplifiers. 

This is the first time that I can say the system is lopsided. The Atria scale really well with gear though. I am definitely at my endgame for amps and pre amps for sure. 

Room Details

Dimensions: 17’ × 15’  Medium
Ceiling: 9’

Components Toggle details

    • Rockport Atria II
    • D'Agostino Momentum HD Pre-Amp
    • D'Agostino Momentum M-400 mono amps
    • MSB Discrete Dac
    • JL Audio Fathom F-110 V2
    Two subs in stereo
    • Transparent Power Wave
    • Transparent Ultra Speaker Cables
    • Transparent Reference power cables
    • Apple M1 Mac Mini as roon core
    • Vicoustic Room treatments
    • Gigafoil v4
    • iFi Audio Elite power supply

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I started with a pair of LS50 then Dynaudio confidence C1 platinums. I moved on to a pair of Magico S1mkII and then to the Rockport Atria II. 

I really enjoyed the S1mkII but was searching for a more complete speaker. I auditioned the A5,Estelon Yb, and the Atria at my local dealer all in the same system. I found that the Rockport was more coherent and “natural”. It has the ability to disappear and just let you enjoy the music. I do pair them with the JL audio F110v2 subs. They are not really needed but fill out the bottom slightly. 

The one thing I did learn with the Atria is to they do not play well with the Octave monos that I had. The octave amps output impedance was very high and caused a bump in the midrange. 

I like the Rockports so much that even though I said this was my endgame I am waiting for delivery of a pair of Cygnus to replace the Atria and subs. 

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Congratulations on your end game system! I am sure it sounds amazing. I am wondering what previous speakers you owned and your experience with the Rockports.  I am thinking about upgrading from Vivid Kaya speakers and Rockport is on my list. Thanks


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