No setup any where near the correct hifi setup but fits in the space I have and it is totally  beautiful  and correct and musical  and fast paced. These amps are very fast.

Room Details

Dimensions: 18’ × 12’  Medium
Ceiling: 8’

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    • Line magnetic Lm124
    A reproduction  of  western electric  124 monoblocks included new old stock western electric  transformers. A push pull 6l6 tube amp.
    • Krell Kps20i
    Burr brown k64 dac chips inside!
    • Equation 25 speakers
    Belgium  made hifi speakers. Seem best on tubes. Moved the. Into the bedroom  as they were easier to drive that the dome phase stand mount  speakers I had in here.

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Thank you @jond I have got spoiled but I enjoy  beautiful  tone and balance and resolution  the most. The maim system  in the dedicated  room is about those things and sound stage etc. Trying to get as close to live as possible. I got these amps the other day and in many ways other than limited  power I believe  they might be the best pair of amps I own. Lol a 1934 design.  The equation  speakers I have listed for a long time they were imported into North America  by a Canadian  company  called mutine. Who was also a French  industrialist  he owned  a bunch of companies  in Europe  including  equation  speaker company  in Belgium.  They are very large 2 way speakers that are fast and note perfect like jm lab utopia  series but they sound fuller like a English  speaker  to me. They really like tube gear.  I was going to put them on the levinson  monoblocks  and did they were really bad on them I don't think they showed the amps a big enough load.


That's one serious bedroom system farmer! And those speakers look cool I'm not familiar with them.


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