Listening Room Construction

12” concrete floor

Poured steel reinforced to 9+” to 12+” 3000 lb. PSI concrete floor


1” MDF

1/8” thick Acoustiblok vinyl sound barrier

¾” MDF

3 x 12 vertical studs, 14.5” on center

Staggered 13” wide 2  x 12 and  4 x 12 per vertical stud channel

13” X 4” X 48” 72lb. 4 chamber activated charcoal absorption filters staggered vertically up/down/up/down

4” Rockwool insulation over vacant stud channel area adjacent to filters

Flexseal all joints

¾” cherry plywood


4’ Sound Absorption Blankets

4” Rockwool

2 x 8 horizontal beams

5/8” X drywall paneling

1/8” thick Acoustiblok vinyl sound barrier

¾” cherry plywood

2 Doors-same as well construction 17" thick, 1000 lb and 850 lb, no other openings

 Recessed 9 BR 40 65 Watt LED floodlights

2 Ton HVAC split system, low speed, high volume

104 oz. plush cut pile carpeting (Fabrica Seduction)

Electric-Audio sources only Subpanel with 8 breakers for 8 duplexes, 10 gauge wire (lighting and A/C on main subpanel) Synergistic Research Blue Duplexes for equipment

Side Walls treated with 2' X 4' 2" thick Acoustic Fields absorption panels  60% coverage

Ceiling treated with 4' X 6' 4" thick Acoustic Fields absorption panels 75% coverage

Synergistic Research HFTs 

I will post photos later

Room Details

Dimensions: 20’ × 15’  Medium
Ceiling: 10’

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    • Audio Equipment - 2 Systems
    Audio Equipment – Primary Listening room

    EAR 890 amp 70watt Class A zero-global feedback, auto-biasing on Synergistic Research Mig-SX isolation footers, GCTs on trannies removed because they darkened the sound.  Added a Synergistic Research purple fuse-(primarily increased warmth, separation of instruments and voices)

    EAR 864 preamp on Stillpoint Ultra SS footers and a Synergistic Research blue fuse (essential).  Tubes-Mullard CV4004 type 2AX7 (not thick old Mullard but a military tube with extended bass/highs/dynamics/high resolution/neutral mids) RCA cleartop 12AU7, Phono-stock pair Ei 12AX7 with double silicon damping rings and Sylvania D getter 12AX7 in front).  Transformed to hi-end quality.  

    Benchmark HDR1 (new filter caps, tantalum, power caps, new audio board, $50 audio grade  regulators replacing 50 cent computer grade)

    COS Engineering D1v DAC (unfortunately, it has sterile sound without 1 sec delay and adds distortion through an algorithm to add ambiance)

    Arcam Delta 250 Transport BNC out and 270 CD player RCA out, highly modified with 15 new high quality power, filter, bypass caps, regulators, etc.  Uses Philips CDM 9 transport mechanism

    Synergistic Research Atmosphere X Euphoria digital cable

    VPI TNT VI heavy platter with SDS on Townsend Sink, SME IV modified with Cardas wiring/RCA box and closed foam insulation.  

    Dynavector 20X2L  Zesto Andros Allasso  All with custom Grover Huffman Pharoah very low impedance RCAs.  Perfect Match into 100 ohm MC of EAR 864.

    VPI 19-4, Ultracraft 400, Grado 78 cartridge into Marantz 7C pre-amp

    Bryston Bit-20 isolation transformer (Custom power cable as usual)

    Ultra SS and Mini-SS Stillpoints under some equipment 

    2 Pair Shakti Hallographs

    Legacy Focus speakers

    Nakamichi cassette deck ZX-7

    Technics 1500 R2R and Tandberg 900X R2R

    Grover Huffman Pharoah speaker cable

    34 Synergistic Research HFTs various types

    Synergistic Research blue duplex outlets

    Sand/Shot filled custom built steel stands

    Amps on granite slabs 

    Pending-GIK Q7D front wall diffuser(s) trial in 3/23

    Back-up Amps - Pair of Altec 1569A  Extreme modification   Kept the chassis and transformers

    Class A/B 125 watt push/pull, voltage regulated amplifier (not ultralinear) with 6 6BG6 Russian output tubes, Raytheon 1950 6SN7 cathode follower, pair of RCA 6GU7 input tubes, 2-6” X 3” electrolytic storage capacitors.  

    Synergistic Research blue fuses and Grover Huffman Pharoah power cable into IEC pig-tail.  Grover Huffman Pharoah RCA to pre-amp 

    Back-Up Pre-amp - Custom 6 subminiature tube pre-amp and 8 subminiature tube phono stage, voltage regulated design non-fused DAC - Extreme modified 

    Audio Equipment – Living  room

    Dynaco ST 70 Extreme modification  Now a Class A/B 35 watt push/pull, voltage regulated amplifier (not ultralinear) with chassis depth electrolytic storage capacitor, superior bias control, feedback change, rectifier tube used for slow start-up only, replaced RCAs and speaker terminals, Synergistic Research Blue fuse.  

    Grover Huffman Pharoah power cable into IEC pig-tail.  Grover Huffman Pharoah RCA to pre-amp 

    Custom 6 subminiature tube pre-amp, voltage regulated design non-fused.

    Kyocera 310x CD player with upgraded Panasonic power capacitors, a few other new caps. Grover Huffman Pharoah RCA interconnect.

    Kenwood 5000? FM/AM tuner.

    Legacy Signature III speakers

    Synergistic Research Black duplex power outlet

    Grover Huffman Empress speaker cable.

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Don’t leave us hanging, pictures please!


Don’t leave us hanging, pictures please!