We moved into this home in April 2020 and this is the latest iteration of our den/listening room. The space is starting to feel cozy and we're very please with the sound. I also finally got all the art on the walls.

New adds this year:
DeVore Gibbon Super 8s, Heed X-2, vintage Meridian 206ΔΣ, lava lamp, and custom rack (solid mahogany).  

Featured on the DeVORE FIDELITY YouTube channel: 

2020-21 system: 

Room Details

Dimensions: 13’ × 14’  Medium
Ceiling: 10’

Components Toggle details

    • DeVore Fidelity Gibbon Super 8
    • Heed Audio Obelisk SI Mark III
    Shoebox size integrated amplifier (running dual mono power with the X-2 power supply) w/ phono board installed.
    • Heed Audio X-2
    Outboard power supply paired with Obelisk SI Mark III
    • Clearaudio Concept
    w/ Verify Tonearm and Russ Andrews PowerPak II PSU
    • Soundsmith Otello Cartridge
    High output moving iron
    • BorderPatrol DAC SE
    R2R, non over-sampling DAC with S/PDIF & USB inputs
    • Meridian 206ΔΣ
    Vintage, dual-chassis CD player/transport
    • Bluesound Node 2i
    Qobuz, Apple Music and local library of FLAC files (rebook & Hi-Res)
    • Sony Playstaion 1 SCPH-1001
    • Signal Cable Co. Various Cables
    - Ultra Speaker Cables
    - MagicPower power cables into the Obelisk SI & X-2
    - Digital Cables
    • AudioQuest Various Cables
    - NRG C7 power cable for the Node 2i
    - NRG-X power cable for the Meridian 206ΔΣ
    - Sidewinder interconnects from Sony Playstation 1 SCPH-1001
    - Power cable for BorderPatrol DAC
    - Diamondback ICs from DAC
    • AudioQuest PowerQuest 2
    Budget friendly power strip and conditioner
    • HiFi Man HE-300
    Open back headphones (not pictured)
    • Various Tweaks from Herbie’s Audio Lab, etc.
    - Herbie’s Tender Feet
    - Herbie’s Baby Booties
    - Cable Elevators
    - Vibrapods 
    - Isonodes 
    - RoomTune

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That's cool! Yeah the finish is really cool. From a distance, it looked like the faces were painted yellow, but zooming in and seeing it's just a different wood type was great. Has a very mid-mod feel to it color palette wise.

Oh great! I'm not quite ready to get a rack just yet since I'm in the process of swapping out some gear, but once I get settled, I'll probably reach out for info!


Thanks!  I purchased the DeVores used but like to think i would’ve picked this finish if i were purchasing them new 15 years ago. I like the contrast made by the Italian oak and Birds Eye maple. 

A local-to-me carpenter made my rack to my specs. I’m very happy with it. He has made racks for other A’goners here and shipped too. If you’re ever interested I can check his availability and connect you two. Cheers. 


Nice system! I like the finishing option you went with for the DeVores. They pop without being too loud (visually lol). The rack is really nice too. I'm struggling to find a nicely made, clean wood rack as well, especially with isolation shelves built-in. Butcher block acoustics makes good shelving, but have to buy the isolation blocks separately and can quickly get up in to the $3000+ range.



Thanks!  I just sent you a private message with their contact info.  He'd love to the opportunity to build more racks.  

I feel our cat tries to get our attention again whenever the focus turns to the stereo.  Ha!  She wants to be at the center, always.



Yes.  I'm using the Node with the BorderPatrol DAC and I feel the BP DAC takes a lot of the edge off.  The Node's internal DAC, combined with the Heed amp, is too brittle and lean for my taste.  I've considered upgrading to Sonore or Auralic or Innuos, but feel I get enough performance out of the Node and BP DAC combo to not have to justify the expense.


Like everyone else I love the rack. I think the meridians CD player is kind of cool.
Appears you're not using the Dac within your blue sound. I have a blue sound and didnt like the dac and put it back in the box and never saw it again, maybe the streaming is ok but I'm not sure because I got something else.


Stunning rack, can you put me in touch with your contractor friend?  Beautiful overall set-up!  Our kitties have a tendency to come when I fire up the system!


Thanks for commenting.  Love my rack!  We have a carpenter friend who's done a lot of projects around our home and he made this rack for me.  Couldn't be happier with it.  


Love your system and music room. Also had a rack custom built up in Portland about 15 years ago.


It plays fine and is still reliable after 30 years.  I bought it last summer from the original owner and cosmetically it's pretty new looking.  I'm running the digital out through the BorderPatrol DAC and no complaints.

Right now I do not have another player to compare to (well, except a Sony Playstation 1 that I use for CD-Rs), but the Meridian is very full sounding, dynamic, and with a lot of scale.  Compared to Streaming it is way less squished sounding. 


I am curious how the vintage Meridian 206 is holding up in operation and sound compared to modern cd sound?



Wow.  It means so much hearing you say so.  This has been a slow process over the last 9 years, or so, and have been loving the mix of newer and older gear.  I'd like to think I'm set for awhile now, but we all know how that goes.  I'm sure a new piece of gear will come along  (maybe a new streamer?  New cartridge?).


Reviewing your system again. Gorgeous, inviting, and high end!


Thank you!  I'm very happy with Soundsmith even with this entry cartridge.  I've heard the next model up, the Carmen, and it gives even more drive and detail. 

I've seen your system on the DeVore FB group and have always admired your space so much.  I think a lot of our tastes are pretty aligned ;) 


Love your setup, room, style, and that's a cute cat! I need to check out Soundsmith carts at some point. Obviously we have similar tastes in speakers...


Ha!  Good call. Just added it and linked to the video in the description.  That was an unexpected surprise to see in John's latest video. 


@stereosanctity I mean, you should probably post that picture of your cat’s leg with Devore Fidelity in the background given the most recent video. Very cool!


Great to know. Thank you! I will reach out to you for more info - it might be a couple months before I do. I'm in the info gathering stage while I get funds together for the next set of upgrades, which includes a rack.

I'd love to hear the O/Baby's. I considered them for a second system and opted against them for now.

Cheers from Maine.


The builder of my rack is also willing to ship if you're ever interested :) 


Thanks again for complimenting!  I purchased the DeVore's from the previous owner back in April and they work so well in this space.  Really versatile speakers.  I hope to snag some O/Baby's at some point down the line, but for now the Super 8s are great.  


I suspected it might be a custom piece. It's absolutely gorgeous - really my ideal for an equipment rack, so I was crossing my fingers it might be an option available to me. Being on the East Coast, it's probably not terribly practical.

Enjoy that gorgeous system - love those DeVore's, too! And thank you for the info!


Thanks for your kind words regarding my system and room, and appreciate your question about my rack!

It was custom made by a carpenter and builder who is local to us here in Portland, Oregon.  It's solid walnut and each shelf is decoupled from the frame.  The platforms have coned feet that rest inside small recesses notched into the frame.


Beautiful system, beautiful room!

May I ask for some details on your equipment rack? Is that a commercially available rack or one you had custom made?


Thank you for saying so.  It's nice to hear our collection in this space feels inviting.


So nice and inviting w/ your gear and natural woods.


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