speakers are 30 1/5 inches from front wall to back of speaker at tweeter height
38 inches from side wall , tweeter height
83 inches apart tweeter to tweeter
100 inches from tweeter to ear
with a 9/16 inch toe-in
This gives me a 49 degree angle from listening position to the speakers 
which is almost the angle of a listening distance of 10 feet with speakers 8 feet apart 
( 47 degrees )

Room Details

Dimensions: 17’ × 13’  Medium
Ceiling: 8’

Components Toggle details

    • McCormack DNA-250

    made by Conrad Johnson , replaced most of the capacitors , Furutech IEC connector,

    30 amp fuse holder ,speaker binding posts and RCA connectors with Cardas brand .
    • Goldpoint Level Controls SA-2
    passive preamp
    • Tavish Design Adagio
    6 tube phono preamp mm/mc
    • Carver SD/A-490t
    Carver's last CD player with 2 tube buffer output
    • Thiel Audio CS2.7
    last 3-way speaker from original Thiel audio
    • Cardas Audio Neutral Reference
    interconnects & speaker wires
    • Merrill Audio Heirloom
    AudioMods Classic Six tonearm 
    Soundsmith Carmen MKII cartridge
    updated 12 volt motor and machined springs for plater suspension
    GEM speed control and spindle weight
    • Acoustimac DMD
    Wall acoustic panels by Acoustimac are 2 inch thick eco-core  .
    In the corner is 2 inch thick compressed fiberglass covered with speaker grill material .

Comments 2

I'm still waiting for the 1uf Clarity Purity capacitors on the mid and the tweeter to finish,  but upgrading the resistors and other capacitors especially replacing the 1 400uf electrolytic with 4 100uf Mundorf electrolytics have been a great improvement . 
Thanks for asking


Awesome looking speaker and nice mods! That original mid-tweeter crossover looked pretty nice hows the replacement?


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