2 Homemade built AMP stands on floor. Panamax M5100-PM Power. DAC & Preamp. Computer (WMA Files from Media Player), Turntable Preamp and Turntable. Rogue RP-1 (backup Preamp). 

Utilize 2 - Motion Logan Motion 40's and 2 - Martin Logan Motion 35XTi's in Large Room. 

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    • NAD C298
    • NAD C275BEE
    • PrimaLuna EVO 100 Tube
    • Schiit Audio Yggdrasil Analog 1
    • Rega P-6
    • Musical Surroundings Nova III
    Turntable Preamp
    • McIntosh RCA 1 meter pair
    Amplifier Interconnect
    • Audio Envy RCA Interconnects
    Amplifier Interconnect
    • Lavricables RCA Interconnects
    DAC Interconnect - 5N Silver cables
    • AudioQuest USB DAC
    DAC USB To Computer - AudioQuest Carbon
    • Zavfino MKII OCC Majestic 12AWG
    NAD C298 Power Cable
    • AudioQuest NRG-4
    NAD 275BEE Power Cable
    • Audio Envy Ocean Version 3
    Tube Preamp Power Cable
    • OSD Audio Arum
    DAC Power Cable
    • Martin Logan Motion 40
    NAD C298 AMP to Pair of Motion 40's
    • Martin Logan Motion 35XTi
    NAD 275BEE AMP to Pair of Motion 35XTi's
    • AudioQuest Type 5
    Speaker Cables.

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