Audio enthusiast and freelance audio professional.

I believe that listening is the ultimate test. Since most audio gear contains some unintentional colorations; it could be any number of things; from the quality of parts, to circuit design, the operating topology of the output stage, the level of technology, cost savings etc. Synergy between every part of the system needs to be in alignment. I take online measurements, hi-fi magazines, and reviews skeptically; rather than seriously.

My forte is accurate audio systems that can achieve summit-fi or hi-fi levels of performance. If it was produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered properly, we can expect truly sublime audio quality. Perhaps even a transformative listening experience; as though we are in the studio or at a live event. And if not, there are more than a handful of mistakes that must be corrected with the process of post-production known as mastering, which I am fond of !

"The Audio Hobby" has provided me with plenty of happiness and enjoyment over the years. It is a rewarding way to spend our spare time. My reasons for more than one system and lots of headphones etc. is the freedom of choice and the novelty to satisfy my mind with fresh and unique listening sessions. I have an eidetic/auditory memory where I can describe exactly what each system or headphone sounds like in a particular configuration. Every layperson who hears one or more of my systems suddenly becomes a believer and wants to build a system of their own. 

a song about Western Civilization:

Useful Audio for Better Living

--> Quickly burn in your new headphones, speakers, audio components + more content! 

- Dillon

Some details about my set up:

- custom-made silver cables for all systems (it is the best conductor of electricity)

- Cardas 6.3mm adapter (silver/rhodium-plated = marginally improves gain)

- Gigabyte Aero 17 [undervolted] Laptop (power mode; reduced brightness; silent)

- Sandisk SDXC card for music playback right beside USB - DAC bus for no latency

- Premium Power Conditioner (4 outlets, up to 15 A, does everything for under $200)

My headphone collection (for now) 

1. - Pioneer SE-Master 1

2. - Pioneer SE-MJ591 

3. - AKG K872

4. - EXCEL SOUND ES-6500

5. - Pioneer SE-Monitor 10R

6. - Sony MDR-M1st 

7. - Denon AH-MM400

8. - Pioneer SE-Monitor 5

9. - Pioneer HRM-7 

10. - Denon AH-D7200

11. - Pioneer SE-M380

12. - Pioneer SE-MHR5

13. - Playboy Icon 1

14. - Beats by Dre Executive

15. - Sennheiser HD-560s

16. - Sennheiser HD-569

17. - NAD HP50

18. - AKG K270 STUDIO

19. - Meters (ashdown engineering) Novu-1 

20. - Focal Utopia 2020

21. - Audio Technica ATH-DSR7BT

22. - Louise & Mann 5 Bluetooth Headphones 

23. - KEF M500 

24. - Sony MDR-1A 

25. - Sony MDR-1A BT

26. - Pioneer SE-M870

27. - Heil Sound - Pro Set 3

28. Super Dynamic MODEL HP-160S

29. - 3M OPTIME 101 - hearing protector 

--> used for 5 minutes after listening sessions to preserve my hearing.


Room Details

Dimensions: 14’ × 17’  Medium
Ceiling: 11’

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