This is an apartment system in Vienna Austria, so not too extreme. We listen at modest volumes, usually not more than 70 - 80 db. 100% streaming these days through the ZENmini using the Sense app (we love it). We play rock, R&B, jazz and classical via ripped CDs, Radio Paradise and Qobuz. The ZENmini is connected to both the ADI and Border Patrol units. At the moment we listen mostly through the ADI DAC and the Heresey IVs. The Arendal 1723 s speakers are power hungry (88.7 db sensitivity @ 4 ohm nominal impedance) and need the full attention of the M6si at volume. The Arendals are wonderful, very analytical speakers, but after all is said and done we prefer the Klipsch (the 1723 s are for sale...). The M6si volume setting rarely goes past the 9 o'clock position with the Klipsch. Everything is connected using Audioquest cabling, except for the speakers which are bi-wired using Oehlbach cables. Sound quality is very good. There is a DECWARE Zen Triode amplifier coming later this year (or next year) that will be the trigger to build an analog capability with vinyl (researching turntables now). Any big improvements to the sound quality of this system would come from room treatments, and since we are renting this is not in the plan. Thanks for listening!

Room Details

Dimensions: 26’ × 21’  X large
Ceiling: 8’

Components Toggle details

    • Border Patrol DAC with SPDIF and USB
    Configured with 220 V 50 Hz
    • Klipsch Heresey 4 speakers
    Purchased from Germany
    • Arendal Sound 1723 Monitor S THX speakers
    Purchased directly from Arendal Sound in Norway
    • Dodocus UBox3 switch box
    A/B switch for speakers (can also be for amps). Purchased directly from manufacturer in germany
    • Roterring Mobelmanufaktur GmbH Scaena Protekt 260 SE cabinet
    Custom dimensioned from the manufacturer in Germany
    • Nubert Soundbase nuPro AS-3500
    This is our powered center channel speaker we use with the TV
    • Musical Fidelity M6si
    Purchased from Germany
    • RME ADI-2 DAC FS
    Purchased from Germany
    • Innuos ZENmini Mk3 Server
    Purchased directly from Innuos Portugal
    • Innuos ZENmini Linear Power Supply (LPSU) Mk3
    Purchased directly from Innuos Portugal

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@jond thanks for the compliment. Yes, Vienna is a wonderful city to live and work in (been here 19 y, my wife 33 y), and... has pretty good hi-fi shops, used records shops, etc. Of course the live music scene is pretty good, too.


Nice little system or I should say systems! And Vienna sounds like a lovely place to live.


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