The Topping Pre90 and E1 components are diminutive, thus the coxswain analogy. They both contribute in an outsized proportion of their cost and size to the setup. I've been convinced however of the importance of a great preamplifier and the Topping is an interim solution that can certainly serve as a backup or alternate in the future.

Room Details

Dimensions: 21’ × 14’  Medium
Ceiling: 15’

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    • DIY Cabinet
    The cabinet needed major changes to provide room and ventilation for the amp. I had to give up some LP storage with albums migrating to other shelves in the room.
    • DS Audio E1
    Optical cartridge obtained by a in of my Brinkmann Fein phono preamp for the E1 cartridge and equalizer (serves as phono preamp) combo. A marked audible upgrade for $1200 net outlay. My system's analog quality now is sufficiently improved provide an incentive to use that overrides the convenience of digital.
    • Pass Labs X250.8
    Much as I love my Brinkmann Integrated, the S3s needed more current/wattage.
    • Topping PRE90
    Tiny, affordable, and in charge of directing way bigger, heavier, and more expensive components.
    • Magico S3 Mk II
    After 40 years of bookshelf speakers (except for a brief interlude with Totem Arros which were smaller and lighter than some of my "bookshelf" models, upgraded to the "someday" category.
    • dc10audio Mogami XLR 1 meter pair
    New to XLR cables. Auditioned several brands. These were the least expensive and the best sounding in my system.

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@tomic601 Thanks for your appreciation! Good sound is important but so is having a comfortable space to enjoy it in.

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never mind the crew….holy cow…look at the WOOD in the rowing shell !…. fantastic groove and cabinets….. Best to you ;-)


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@jond- With the right interconnect, the Topping does not affect the sound. It does need a low capacitance cable, o/w it's brighter and sharper than hell. The sound was terrible with the cables I had used to connect the Bricasti directly to the Pass (they had worked fine in that capacity).

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So the Topping pre holds it's own in the company of Briscasti/Pass/Magico in your opinion? That's pretty high praise!


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