Room Details

Dimensions: 30’ × 20’  X large
Ceiling: 8’

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    • Mcintosh C50 Preamp times 2
    • Mcintosh MC 252 amp times 2
    • Anthem STR amplifier
    • Marantz SA7S1 CD player
    • Pioneer CT-F850 Cassette Deck
    • Soundcraftsmen AE2000 ScanAlyzer/EQ
    Never leave home without it!
    • Furman Elite 15DMI
    • Klipsch Khorn, LaScala, Heresy III
    All speakers modded with Volti and Crites upgrades. LaScalas are on angled platforms I built to best integrate with the Khorns.
    • SVS SB4000, PC2000 ultra, SB3000 subs
    • Cardas Audio Speaker Cables
    • Audio Envy Power Cables
    • AudioQuest Interconnect XLR , RCA

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Love the dad and daughter pic. Good times. Nice gear.


Cool, super cool !


Fantastic collection of great gear that stuns me. Great room and speakers and guitar collection.


Klipsch and McIntosh can't beat it!


Thanks for the advice, I will absolutely take it to heart. Every moment is precious. Am working on adding more photos of my system. I am not sure how these 2 even got on here.


Always great to meet another VH brother. Nice collection. 
Wasn't too long ago my daughter did selfies with dad.. great times. Enjoy every moment!


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