I had PeterGunn modify myMaggie 1.6qrs - Vocals and soundstage are improved. The frames are Ambrosia Maple with Tigerwood trim. Powered by a Krell integrated Amp - S550i. Added a subwoofer system by AudioKinesis (Duke LeJeune) - the 4 cabinets are veneered Ambrosia Maple. Powered by Dayton Audio amp - blends great with the modified MAGGIEs. My front end is a LUMIN D2. This system has amazing vocals, and clarity and soundstage. Use a Yamaha CD S2100 player for my CD collection.

My speaker separation is 7 feet and distance to listening position is 10 feet. The subs are asymmetrically placed around the main listening position. Floor is carpet, left wall has light curtains and wood blinds. Multiple custom rugs on carpet

Room Details

Dimensions: 18’ × 17’  Medium
Ceiling: 8’

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    • Krell S550i Integrated
    • Magnapan MG-1.6qr
    Modified by Peter Gunn - a Stepchange is sound!
    • LUMIN D 2.1
    This Streamer / DAC has amazing vocals

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Nice simple system.  Not sure why we do not see more of them.  Amp, speakers and streamer...nicely done!


Ambrosia Maple fan as well ! bet it sounds wonderful !


Nice super simple system and love the wood frames on your Maggies.


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