Room Details

Dimensions: 15’ × 20’  Medium
Ceiling: 12’

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    • Sean Jacobs/Custom HiFi Cables Ltd DC4 ARC6 LPSU with upgraded DAVECAP board
    • Tannoy Kensington GR
    • REL Acoustics S/812
    • Transparent Audio Gen 5 Reference PowerIsolator
    • Feliks Audio Euphoria HP amp
    • Sennheiser HD800 headphones
    • Transparent Audio Various Gen 5 cables
    • Pathos Acoustics InPol Heritage Integrated Amplifier
    • Chord Electronics Ltd. M Scaler
    With Teddy Pardo LPS
    • Innuos Zenith MK3; PhoenixNET; PhoenixUSB
    • Chord Electronics Ltd. DAVE
    With Sean Jacobs DC4 ARC6 LPSU

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Really nice system love those Tannoys!


Very nice.


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