Room Details

Dimensions: 25’ × 15’  Large
Ceiling: 8’

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    • Dynaudio Focus 380
    • Falcon Acoustics LS3/5a Gold Badge
    • Pass Labs X250.8
    • Linear Tube Audio MicroZOTL Preamplifier Level 2
    • Holo Audio HoloAudio - May DAC KTE
    • Allnic Audio H-1202
    • Purefidelity Encore
    • Origin Live Zephyr III
    • Charisma Audio 103
    • Solid Tech Rack of Silence 3
    • Puritan Audio Labs PSM156
    • Siltech Cables Classic 550i
    RCA interconnects between the preamp and poweramp
    XLR interconnects between the DAC and preamp
    • Siltech Cables Classic Anniversary 550L
    Speaker cables
    • Zu Audio Event I Power cable
    For preamp and DAC
    • GutWire Audio Cables SV-12
    For power amp
    • BDR Cone
    Under the preamp
    • IsoAcoustics Orea Bordeaux
    5 of them under X250.8
    • Synergistic Research HFT - High Frequency Transducer
    Installed 15 of HFTs

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@vino_david - sure, just put some damping material between amp and hdd. I used a small cut piece of a yoga mat but some sort of rubber bands could work.


Fantastic looking system and two nice speaker choices and interesting using HDDs for damping. And @vino_david why not just try and see how it sounds? ;)


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The Dynaudio 380 is a gem of a speaker, and in my opinion sound more musical than the Contour 60.


Have two dead drives, can i put on top of solid state amp?


I appreciate the quality of your photos almost as much as your system


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