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    • McIntosh MEN220
    Second time around with this box and finally figured it out.  Love it now and works well even with Magnepans!  Great for use with dual subs as well
    • Puritan Audio Labs Classic + Power cords
    4 of these so far for monoblocks, MPC 500 and C2700
    • Magnepan 20.7i
    Big as I can get!
    • McIntosh C2700
    1961 Red tip Amperex 12ax7 and Telefunken Bluetip 5965 tubes
    • DS Audio ION-001
    Magic Green lasers
    • McIntosh MC611
    These really improved the bass on 20.7's
    • Marantz Cinema 50
    KEF surrounds
    • McIntosh MVP871
    • McIntosh MPC500
    • Aurender N200
    This made me a believer.  Streamer transports make a huge difference, USB to DA2 DAC in C2700
    • Panasonic DP-UB9000
    I still prefer 4k discs when able
    • DS Audio 003 Cart
    • DS Audio 003 Energizer
    • J. Sikora Initial
    • Linear Tube Audio Power Supply Table
    Runs J. Sikora motor
    • Perlisten D15s
    Pair of these monsters.  One behind each 20.7
    • GIK Acoustics Tri-Traps
    4 of these in the corners
    • GIK Acoustics polyfuser
    4 of these on back wall

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Great components! What is the size of your room?


Very nice system


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