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Dimensions: 17’ × 11’  Medium
Ceiling: 8’

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    • Wolf Von Langa SON White Oak
    Wonderfully natural and realistic sound. These little speakers with field coil drivers and Mundorf AMT tweeters do it all!
    • Circle Audio Labs P300 preamplifier
    • Circle Audio Labs M200 amplifier
    • Hijiri Nagomi power cable
    • Hijiri Million “Kiwami” IC cables HGP-RCA and HGP-XLR
    • Network Acoustics ENO system
    • Network Acoustics ENO USB cable
    • Mojo Audio Deja Vu
    With JCAT XE USB and NET cards
    • Mojo Audio Mystique EVO Pro
    • Hijiri HCS-25 speaker cable
    • Star Sound Technologies Sistrum speaker and amp stands and rack

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Congrats on a great system @hchilcoat ! I heard those WVLs at CAF last year great sounding speakers! Looks like a well put together Gestalt Audio system Colin has good ears.




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Very nice system! I like the stands.

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Also, I plan to trade in my StarSound Sistrum speaker and amp stands, as well as another component rack for their current Rhythm stand for amp and Rhythm Junior Advantage stands for speakers. THese have wider coupling discs that weigh nearly a pound each and would allow me to pull the carpet back and try the speakers with new stands on the carpet. These StarSound stands (now LiveVibe) do an incredible job cleaning up the sound.


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@lalitk I have a bunch of RealTraps in my attic that I haven't used for several years. I had them all over a slightly smaller room in a previous house. When I got my previous speakers, the Audiokinesis Jazz Modules, which used a directional waveguide that minimized first order reflections, I found that I liked the more reverberent sound. When I set up the SONs I felt like I didn't need the acoustic panels. However, I still am playing around with speaker positioning to eliminate a slight emphasis around 100hz. I could try placing a couple of the RealTraps on the wall behind the speakers and see if that helps.


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As a fan of WvL SON speakers (though my space is a bit too small for them), and owner of a Circle Labs A200 amp, I approve wholeheartedly of this fine system!


Well done @hchilcoat. Great selection of gear, I'm certain, it sounds amazing. I see bare walls, have you thought of acoustic treatments yet? 


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