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    • Revel Revel Ultima Studio Speakers
    These speakers may be close to 20 years old but they still blow my mind every time I listen to them they are the Revel Ultima Studio speakers. Here are the specs:

    Low-frequency extension: -10dB at 22Hz, -6dB at 26Hz, -3dB at 33Hz. Impedance: 6 ohms nominal, 3 ohms minimum. Sensitivity: 87dB SPL with 2.83V at 1m (4-pi anechoic). Dimensions: 43.88" H by 12.75" W by 19.4" D. Shipping weight: 164 lbs each.
    • Linn Klimax Kontrol Preamp
    Top of the line amazing sounding preamp by Linn
    • Bluesound Node 2
    Great streamer, very versatile and lots of ways to connect and use, love this unit.
    I buy, sell, and trade vintage and semi-modern audio and have been for the last 45+ years. Don's Vintage Audio on Facebook and online although I don't use my website much anymore since FB Marketplace came along. 
    • Linn Klimax 500 Solo
    Top of the line Linn Klimax Solo 500 power amp monoblocks these amps are 290 watts per channel at 8 ohms and 500 Watts per channel at 4 ohms. Enough power to drive any speakers to high levels. These are the prior model with silent power.
    • Linn Sondek SONDEK LP-12 Klimax Level Turntable
    This LP12 started its life as a Lingo PS turntable and has been upgraded to Klimax level the difference in going from Lingo PS to Klimax Level with Radikal PS is amazing, This turntable sounds better than any turntable I've ever heard and just blows my mind every time I turn it on. Here are the upgrades:
    Linn Sondek LP12 Transcription Turntable Fully upgraded to Klimax level. Includes LP12 Turntable, Keel Sub-chassis and Armboard, Radikal motor control unit and power supply, Brushed DC motor, Ekos 1 precision tonearm, Kandid MC Cartridge, internally mounted Urika 1 MC phono stage with Trampolin base.

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@frozentundra I have yet to hear system that I like better than mine it's amazing and every aspect. I have heard alot of impressive systems and I still like mine better. I have wanted a Linn system since I was in my twenties early twenties I could just never afford it. I'm 62 now and enjoying my passion more than anything.


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I was told by a dealer the best system he ever heard was an all linn powered hifi

I was wondered how your Klimax pre/dac  sounds .   Wonderful word of mouth 

Revel Studio.  ………… 
Good taste 



@mjcmt I have heard them with a pair of Linn ESPEK speakers that I have but they sound nowhere near as good as my revel Ultima Studios. These were originally paired with a pair of Keltics with eight of the Linn Klimax amplifiers driving them active with Klimax crossovers. I could not afford the whole system so I just bought what I could afford.


@jond The Tannoy speakers are the  original Eatons


Nice system and nice speaker collection! What model Tannoy's are those?


Man that is a great Linn system. I used to be a Linnie 20 years ago but they've gotten so expensive. Have you heard your electronics w/ Linn speakers, even the Majik?


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