My system comprises of a VPI Classic II turntable with a JMW 10.5 inch arm and Dynavector 10X2L LOMC cartridge.

Phonostage is a Art Audio Vinyl Reference (Designed and manufactured by K and K audio, Super Phono Max that is further upgraded by Kevin Carter (Vac and Veritas). One of only 5 built.

Linestage is a Rogue RP7 with NOS tubes, Power amps are Conrad Johnson Premiere 12 monoblocks and my “summer amp” is a NAD M23.


Digital section is a Emotiva ERC 3 used as a transport only DAC is an Auralic Vega and an Intel NUC running Roon Rock/Qobuz.


Speakers are my DIY 12 inch 3 way with5 inch carbon composite mid and aluminum/magnesium tweeter. Subs are GR Research H Frame dual 12 with Rythmik amps.


Room Details

Dimensions: 22’ × 14’  Medium
Ceiling: N/A

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    • ART AUDIO Vinyl Reference
    Phonostage made by K and K Audio
    • Rogue Audio RP7
    • Conrad Johnson Premiere 12

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Speakers look great!


Nice system Jim but pretty sure you can't say you made DIY speakers and not post a pic of them. ;)


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