Modest dedicated listening space
Small 3-sided, Open-ended, Room
Concrete Bunker
Two 20-amp dedicated circuits
Ceiling is fabric over 9" of fiberglass between studs
2" Acoustic panels w/stand-offs - Owens-Corning 703
Corner Bass Traps - Owens-Corning 705
Typical Listening Volume 80 dB, Peaks to 90+ dB
Speakers currently alternate between Magnepans and CSS Critons 
REL subs are optional, depending on mood

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    • Parasound Halo JC-2BP
    Solid State Preamp
    • Audio Technica AT-440MLb
    MM Cartridge
    • Adcom GFA-565
    Pair of Solid State Monoblocs.
    Restored and upgraded input section.
    • Technics SL-1200 MkII
    Massaged by KAB
    Litz Wiring
    New NOS Tonearm assembly
    • Magnepan 1.7i
    • CSS Criton 1TD-X
    • Yamaha CD-S300
    CD Player
    • Cambridge Audio CP-2
    Phono Stage
    • BlueJeans Canare 4S11
    Speaker Cables
    • Monoprice Monolith
    • REL T/7x pair

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You have a dedicated music room, thats more than enough for me.


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