Room Details

Dimensions: 40’ × 40’  X large
Ceiling: 11’

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    • The Chord Company Dave
    • The Chord Company M-Scaler
    • McIntosh MC-207 X 2
    • McIntosh MC-2105
    • McIntosh MX-119 X 2
    • McIntosh MHT-200
    • McIntosh mc2102 X 2
    • McIntosh MX-120
    • McIntosh C220
    • McIntosh MC-205

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Doubles as an art installation.


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Someone definitely had a “Mac Attack”  Now we just need some Fries ( speakers) to finish this meal!  Impressive Rack ( that’s what He said )


Let's see the rest of it!

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This reminded me of Mcintosh stack in The Departed. Very nice!

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Wow that's some serious old school style racking well done! Do you have some sort of ventilation system in there?


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