Room Details

Dimensions: 40’ × 40’  X large
Ceiling: 11’

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    • The Chord Company Dave
    • The Chord Company M-Scaler
    • McIntosh MC-207 X 2
    • McIntosh MC-2105
    • McIntosh MX-119 X 2
    • McIntosh MHT-200
    • McIntosh mc2102 X 2
    • McIntosh MX-120
    • McIntosh C220
    • McIntosh MC-205

Comments 5

Doubles as an art installation.


Someone definitely had a “Mac Attack”  Now we just need some Fries ( speakers) to finish this meal!  Impressive Rack ( that’s what He said )


Let's see the rest of it!


This reminded me of Mcintosh stack in The Departed. Very nice!


Wow that's some serious old school style racking well done! Do you have some sort of ventilation system in there?


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