I've outgrown two diy racks and am building another one soon. First system. I have some HT crap also. DIY subwoofer swarm morel 10'' titanium drivers.

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    • Bryston 7B squared amps 7B-Sst2
    • Rogue audio preamp RP-7
    • B and W speakers Matrix 802 s3
    I installed Troels Gravenson crossovers myself, wbt binding post, SA stands
    • 432evo standard Standard
    Powering with uptone audio JS-2 lps
    • Dayton Audio SA-1000
    Have two only using one for now
    • MHTD labs dac Pagoda balanced
    • Uptone audio EtherEGEN
    Powering with JS-2 LPS
    • Afterdark Queen clock
    Using this clock with etheregen and what a difference it makes. Using an Afterdark LPS to power the clock.
    • Yamaha GT-2000 times 2
    I have two of these one with a stock arm and one with an saec 407/23
    • Pass labs XOno
    I forgot to add my xono to my system page. I have the full PS for it. Absolutely love this phono pre.

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I'll make it tidy when my new rack is built. Originally I had to set everything on the floor chasing what I presumed to be a ground loop which was a high level distortion from preamp.


Make  it tidy and repost.


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