This is it, I am done, quite content with what we have assembled here.

Room Details

Dimensions: 16’ × 12’  Medium
Ceiling: 12’

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    • SPL Phonitor 2 headphone and preamp. Dual rail 120V
    SPL Phonitor 2 Headphone/Monitor Amplifier at a Glance:
    • Wide dynamic range and ample headroom thanks to 120V operation
    • Phonitor Matrix gives you a loudspeaker-like monitoring experience with headphones
    • Control volume with any infrared remote control
    • Flexible I/O and signal levels for easy integration into your system
    Wide dynamic range and ample headroom thanks to 120V operation

    The Phonitor 2 employs SPL-designed op-amps that operate at 120 volts, resulting in an amazing 150dB of dynamic range. The noise floor is virtually nonexistent. Transients come through without any loss of detail, presence, or spatial reference. You'll hear every nuance in your recordings, and the high headroom means you'll hear the same level of sonic accuracy at any volume level.

    Phonitor Matrix gives you a loudspeaker-like monitoring experience with headphones

    You'll be able to use your headphones more effectively when you monitor through the SPL Phonitor 2. The Phonitor Matrix re-creates the spacial effects of listening on stereo loudspeakers (listening angle and crosstalk between left and right channels) in your headphones. Recording engineers at Sweetwater know that headphones are a great tool for magnifying edit points, unwanted clicks and pops, fades, and other details in your recordings. For this type of editing, turn off the Phonitor Matrix spatial processing. Then turn the Phonitor Matrix mode on when you're ready to make adjustments to panning, EQ, effects sends and other mixing tasks. The realistic stereo imaging of the Phonitor Matrix mode will allow you to achieve better mixing results than you otherwise would with headphones.

    Control volume with any infrared remote control

    For remote volume control, the SPL Phonitor 2 is ready to work with virtually any infrared remote control. The remote circuit uses a motor to physically control the volume pot, so your audio signal remains in the analog domain the entire time - no loss of dynamic range or sonic detail.

    Flexible I/O and signal levels for easy integration into your system

    For studio monitoring, the SPL Phonitor 2 is ready to interface with a wide range of gear. You've got two pairs of XLR inputs and a pair of RCA inputs, for a total of three input sources. The RCA inputs can be toggled between -10dBV (consumer level) and +4dBu (pro level). A pair of XLR outputs on the rear panel can be used to drive powered speakers, a power amplifier, or headphone distribution system. The headphone output is conveniently placed on the front panel. 

    SPL Phonitor 2 Headphone/Monitor Amplifier Features:
    • Amplifier and source selector for headphones and studio monitors
    • Ample headroom and ultra-high dynamic range thanks to 120-volt operation
    • High operating voltage means extreme sonic accuracy and transparency at any volume level
    • Optimized for all headphones over 10 ohms (over 40 ohms for balanced headphones)
    • Phonitor Matrix loudspeaker emulation adds crosstalk and listening angle to headphone signals for a loudspeaker-like monitoring experience
    • Virtually nonexistent noise floor
    • Volume can be controlled with any infrared remote control (not included)
    • Perfect for editing, mixing and home listening
    Provide better sound for your headphones and monitor speakers, with the SPL Phonitor 2!
    • Gold Note PA-10
    GaN class A amplifiers bridged being used as mono blocks. The PA-10 is small but powerful stereo power amplifier capable of delivering a power rate of 75W per channel @ 8 Ohm that can be increased to a considerable 600W @ 4Ohm when used in mono (Bridge-Tied-Load).
    • SPL Phonos RIAA phono pre.
    • Audio Hungary X200 IA with KT170 tubes
    Fantastic tube integrated used primary for my analog front end and driving my Sonner Legato Unum stand mounts with REL T Zero dual subs. It is analog heaven.
    • LessLoss Echos End Reference R2R DAC
    Best DAC I have ever had the pleasure of owning. Natural, organic analog sound.
    Work spectacularly well with both the systems. My endgame DAC, you should audition one. 
    • LessLoss 640x Firewall Conditioners x 2

    Featuring the latest and most advanced LessLoss Skin-filtering technology, the Firewall Module blocks noise pollution to levels traditional capacitor and coil-based solutions can only hope to approach. Developed from our critically acclaimed DFPC (Dynamic Filtering Power Cable), the LessLoss Firewall Module reveals hidden subtleties of the entire audio event as it eliminates the widespread negative effects of high frequency noise pollution. Use the Firewall module with any equipment so that its potential performance can be realized in today's over-polluted electro-magnetic atmosphere. 
    • Innuos Zenith MK3
    Best streamer, sever for my needs.
    • LessLoss C-MARC Power Cables x 2
    Connected to the 640x firewalls for my LessLoss DAC and Innuos Zenith.

    Introducing C-MARC™. A new generation of high-performance wire and cable, well equipped to deal with todays over polluted electromagnetic environment. 

    C-MARC™ is a new type of Litz wire. C-MARC’s noise reduction is based on the bucking coil method using two counter-polarised coils. Every strand's clockwise turn aligns with a corresponding counter clockwise turn of precisely mirrored diameter and step. The two, resulting counter-polarised coils are mutually superposed. A second-scale fractal replication of the already bucking coils is then repeated. Through electrical cancellation of the induced noise, C-MARC™ provides an enormous signal-to-noise ratio in today's demanding audio environment. 
    • Wyred 4 Sound Recovery USB
    • DH Labs Mirage USB
    Short runs used between Zenith, Wired 4 Sound Recovery (usb reclockers) and LessLoss Echos End R.
    • Thorens TD-145 mkII
    Restoration of a turntable I have owned since HS.
    • NAGAOKA MP-200
    Just love this CART:
    • Japanese nude diamond stylus with high-end construction
    • true high-end sound clarity and details
    • moving magnet design, samarium cobalt
    • stylus: superfine elliptical diamond / 0.4 x 0.7 mil radius
    • cantilever: high-strength boron (stronger + stiffer than aluminum)
    • carbon fiber reinforced / magnetically shielded body
    • Sonner Audio Legato Unum with optional stands.
    The best stand mount speaker I have ever owned and I have owned quite a few. With optional stand and that is the only way to go.
    • Zavfino Prima Mk II OCC Speaker Cables
    These are paired with the X200 and Sonner speakers.
    • Raven Audio CeLeste Towers.
    2.5 way towers. 4 ohm 90db.. Work fantastic with the SPL Phonitor Gold Note PA-10 amplifiers. Detailed, articulate on colored sound.
    • DH Labs Silver Sonic Q-10 Signature Speaker Cables
    Paired with Raven CeLest towers and Gold Note PA-10s
    • REL Acoustics T Zero
    Duual REL Acoustics T-Zero Subs used with Sonner Legato Unum and X200 IA. Use Inexpensive Preffair power cords. Signal Audio REL Speakon sub cables (awesome)
    • Signal Cable Inc. REL Speakon Cables



      • 8 stranded copper conductors, Total of 152 Bare copper strands

      • Insulation for each conductor - PE

      • Shield - None

      • Outer Jacket - Polyvinylchloride

      • Effective gauge size per channel - 10awg

      • Geometry - Internal Twisted, Cross Linked


    • Nom. Capacitance - 18.5 pF/ft

    • Nom. Conductor DC Resistance - 3.2 Ω/1000 ft

    Used under REL T-Zeros.

    The Primacoustic Recoil Stabilizer is a unique speaker mounting device that at once eliminates disruptive resonant coupling from the loudspeaker to the stand, while providing a stable base that reduces the recoil caused by the forward energy of the loudspeaker motion.

    • Improves transient response
    • Widens the sound field for better imaging
    • Tightens up the bass response for greater accuracy
    • Available in several sizes and firing angles

    Made from three basic components, the Recoil Stabilizer is essentially a platform for the loudspeaker that features a high-density urethane base that isolates the speaker from the shelf, monitor-bridge or stand. This effectively decouples the loudspeaker to eliminate vibration-borne resonance to the substructure.

    A heavy laser-cut steel plate is added and sandwiched between the isolation layer and a no-slip neoprene top. The steel plate introduces significant mass to the structure and serves to stabilize the speaker.

    By reducing the backward 'recoil' energy as the speaker coil pushes energy forward, initial waveform transients no longer suffer lag and the sharpness of the resulting pulse is more defined. The result is significantly greater detail at all frequencies, with tighter bottom end and improved depth of field.

    The Recoil Stabilizer is available in various sizes and weights to address different speaker designs.

    • Gingko Audio Equipment Vibration Protectors (EVPs)
    VCS Premium Kit used under all components and speakers (Sonner Legato Unum) 

    A premium version of our Vibration Control Solutions toolkit consisting of eight Medium Wood Cloud22 Bases, twelve Mini-ARCHs, and twelve 1/2″ thick and 9.5″ diameter Equipment/Speaker ARCHs.
    • Zavfino Prima OCC AC Power Cables. X 4
    Have 4 of these wonderful cables powering my PA-10’s SPL Phonitor 2 and my AH X200.
    • Zavfino Cable Zavfino Fusion interconnects.
    XLR and Unbalacesd IC.
    • Zavfino Fina OCC power Cable.
    Connected to my SPL Phonos RIAA Preamp. 14AWG and is more flexible.
    • Puron Puron Power Filter.
    We have 4 of these filters in our dedicated power circuit in addition to the LessLox 640x for our digital front end.

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@mitch2 Thanks I think. It is an old IKEA work bench I tweaked and reinforced.


Nice system and well thought out for so much going on.  A while ago, I was interested in the LessLoss Echos End Reference R2R DAC but I ended up going with Mojo Auido's take on R2R and currently have both their Mystique Pro and Mystique X SE versions.  I would like to hear more about the rack and whether you made that yourself.  Steel angle and wood is a nice solid combination.


@thosb thank you for the kind words. With the PA-10 I went right for the kill and went for running them in bridged mode. Always have preferred the sound of mono blocks over standard stereo amplification.


Very nice set-up and cool there are two systems.  Re the GN PA-10s, did you start with two or did you start with one and add a second?  If you added a second, can you pls comment on improvements heard when going from stereo to two mon blocks?  Thanks!


There are 2 systems in this space.


Very nice David. Any particular reason why 2 pairs of speakers and which pair you prefer overall?


Not done will be adding more thank you.


Thanks for the specifics on your system. Very interesting!


Live outside the box.


Agreed. this is an interesting system with components that are outside the norm a bit. Clue us in - learning about new things is at least part of the point here.




Nice looking system Jeffrey! How about hipping us to what all is in it?


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